Owasco Lake 7/28


Guided Fred for around 6 hours today. We usually do a trip out here every year in the summer. We started with lakers at around 6:15 am. Once we found some active fish the action was excellent for around 1/2 hour. Fred landed and released 4 including one very rare Owasco wild fish. He missed a few too. The larger 24″ to 25″+ lakers were in very good condition. The smaller fish were thin – which has been the case here quite often over the past 6 or 7 years. Plenty of baitfish abound. Fred tried some shiners for a little while and possibly had a hit.

We set up for bass and gave it around 2 hours. Had a few 12″ to 14″ fish follow in a shiner. Fred wanted to use some bait and see how things worked – so that’s what we did. Tried a few more areas for lakers without luck and called it a day. Best laker depths were from around 67′ to 75′ or so. Good day and very pleasant out on the lake. Winds were southerly around 8 to 10 mph – not the 3 mph predicted. But that’s to be expected!