Owasco Lake 7/5 AM


Guided Lucian and his son Nick, along with Lew’s friend Chris for a 1/2 day trip starting at 6:30 am.  Lew has a place on the lake and we had a good trip together with Nick last summer.  Since that time, he’s done well with lake trout along with rainbows and has also been catching plenty of perch.  All in all, today was a very solid fishing day with good action on lake trout, along with one nice wild rainbow, from end to end of the lake.  Lew had the hot hand early, then it was Chris for awhile and then for the last hour or so, it was mostly Nick, so our catch was well-distributed!

Hot color was Lunker City’s chartreuse silk as well as limetreuse.  Lew had a few hits come on black as well.  I sent Lunker City a message in hopes that they’ll start producing the 3.75″ Black Shaker again.  I guess they didn’t sell well, but if enough people ask for the lure, perhaps they’ll do a limited run of them again.  We can try, but I digress…

Lakers ran from 19″ or so up to around 26″/27″ if I remember correctly.  Water clarity was excellent.  Fish were down from 50′ or so out to 85′.   A fair number of guys were out fishing, but overall boat traffic was surprisingly light for a holiday weekend.

Chris with his nice wild rainbow!

Doubled up late in the trip!

Nick with a typical Owasco Lake trout - the first fish of the double gets landed

Chris battling one