Owasco Lake 7/7


A very tough day today for us – being me, Jared and Andrew. We started just after 6 am and we were hoping to score on some smallmouths and northern pike. I usually don’t fish pike much in July on Owasco Lake, but I thought that the cooler temps might keep them active. As we got onto the water we were met with some lightning and thunder to the south of us. Once the storms blew over we worked down the lake for some pike/bass. We gave a few of my favorite areas a good workout without seeing much of anything. Around 10 am the conditions changed and we set up for lake trout. Things were encouraging from the get-go with some chasing fish. Jared had a fish (possibly a laker – I didn’t see it) chase his jig to the surface. I’m not sure whether we caught the tail end of a good bite, but fish gradually stopped chasing. Some hits were had, but nothing very solid. We fished hard for most of the PM without drawing any fish. We marked a LOT of fish! The guys were good sports and fished very hard, but to no avail! The mighty skunk raised its head today. I’m hoping to clean it out and keep it out of the boat for the rest of the season! Surface temps were around 70 degrees. We marked a lot of bait on the lake’s north end. Things are in place for some great fishing over the next couple months, weather permitting that is.