Owasco Lake 8/21 + Cayuga Lake 8/22 + 8/24


I’m trying to keep these reports updated but I’ve been really busy lately with Bass Pro Shops, guiding and Cornell registration. Here it goes:

Owasco Lake is still simply smoking for lake trout. Get out in 65′ to 85′ of water and look for bait and fish “hooks”! Guided John and Sue from Boston and they probably landed around 15 fish if I recall right. Most are between 3 and 5lbs. No real slobs. Plenty of bait around which is encouraging. After dropping off my clients I ran into a buddy of mine from Bass Pro Shops who was having some motor problems. We went out with another friend and landed around a dozen fish or more in less than 2 hours – midday! Can’t beat it!

Cayuga lakers are working their way south. Best action is between Portland Point and north to Sheldrake on the west side and Long Point on the east side. Lots of BIG fish! Peter and his 7 year old daughter managed around 8 nice fish during a morning’s fishing. Great job, and Pete doesn’t fish much! He was really into it! His daughter managed her biggest fish with a nice 6 to 7lber! Fun!

Today was Mike and his dad Bill. Fantastic action pretty much all day long – steady with moments of intensity. They landed 17 nice fish and probably lost another 15! Unreal! They went up to 32″ and probably 11lbs. I don’t necessarily like to post these kinds of numbers as they aren’t typical (I don’t want people to be disappointed with a 6 fish day!), but today things came together. Mike had some jigging experience and his dad was a good learner and listener. The conditions were also perfect – light winds with ample bait fish around. Any day fish are caught is a good day, but these results are a testament to how good Cayuga is fishing right now! Fish were in 65′ to 85′ of water. A bonus smallmouth bass was taken in 37′. Great Day!!!