Owasco Lake 8/30 + Cayuga Lake 8/31


8/30:  Did two one-half day trips on Owasco Lake yesterday. Started the AM trip with Bob his son Hunter and Hunter’s 9-year-old son Robert. The forecast called for occasional showers and that’s what we had until we got out onto the lake. Then it poured! Robert was well-dressed with his $1.95 poncho (I’m not kidding here – he stayed very dry!) My Cabelas Guidewear was great except I wore sneakers, which got soaked. Hunter and Bob also got drenched. But after around 1/2 hour the rain eased up. This trip was meant to be about Robert and that’s how it went. Young Robert did a great job with the fishing and he outfished everyone, landing 5 nice lakers on his new favorite – a spoon! Fish were caught by all, but the crew (apart from Robert) were pretty much soaked, so we wound up a little bit early. It was a fun trip apart from the rain.

My PM trip was with Alex and his younger brother Oliver. They live near the Ottawa River! One of the great fisheries in North America as far as I’m concerned. (Check out www.jeffcyr.com/ if you want to see what I mean!) They do some laker fishing up in Canada but hadn’t jigged them before. We had some very good fishing – nice steady action, and picture-perfect weather! A nice bunch of lakers were landed, and we also found a group of smallies, with Oliver landing 2 up to almost 20″ and Alex losing one. The guys might have dropped another good bass or two as well. Fun day and Alex is really passionate about fishing. Fishing remains best (at least for us) on the west shore mainly S. of Buck’s Point. We caught fish from 60′ out to 110′. Don’t neglect the “deeps” on Owasco Lake this time of year. Oftentimes when the shallow bite dissipates, the deep bite gets going. Both bites were going at the same time this AM.

8/31:  Cayuga today was a trip with Steve and his brother Stu. They were out with me earlier in the season out on Seneca Lake hammering lakers. My first trip with Steve entailed plenty of hard fishing with mediocre results. This was maybe 2 or 3 years ago. The fish Gods have rewarded us handsomely since then! We started out with slow action on lakers, but Stu hooked and landed the first fish – a nice 23″ landlocked salmon! After that, the laker action was quite steady and we landed fish until we quit at 2:30pm. As a matter-of-fact, the last drops produced a double! At least 16 to 18 lakers were landed from dink size (one) to 29″. Most fish were 23″ to 28″. Another fun day with fish being caught from 75′ to 100’+. The park was mobbed on the way back – just a ton of boat and people around for the last “hoorah” of summer. Both shorelines produced fish today for us.