Owasco Lake 8/9


Guided Leo and Ada for a full day starting at around 8:45 am.  Today was another “catch ’em and eat ’em” mission and what we usually try to do for our second August trip (they book 2 dates a year in August annually) is fish a lake that has plenty of panfish.  Last year we had a great day here on Owasco Lake with panfish, bass and lake trout.  This year, we had tougher conditions and slower fishing.  We started with some dropshotting for rock bass.  I finally had a chance to try Bill Alexander’s new “Xstended Life Baits.”   He came up with a terrific way to make baits like Ned Worms, Senkos and other plastics much more durable without sacrificing action.   We had good action on rock bass but only caught a handful of keeper sized fish (Ada wanted 9″+.)  Bill’s lures did great and lasted all day!

There’s still a moderate algae stain to the lake but it looks somewhat clearer than it was when I was last out here on July 29th.   At least we could see down more than three feet!  We tried a stretch that my clients have raised some browns in without any action apart from a deep northern pike that Ada hooked!   It was a 30″+ northern but got off after it made a run just under the surface.  A couple bass were also landed along with one nice lake trout.  We finished up with more rock bass and Ada relaxed her standards a bit and we harvested a few more 8″+ fish.  It was a slower day than what we were hoping for, but we still wound up with some nice fish.

At the ramp, I saw that Dustin Connell and Ott DeFoe (both Bass Pros) were out enjoying themselves on their day off from MLF competition.  I have quite a few thoughts on that circuit and the Cayuga Lake tournament that I will write up when I get the time and motivation.