Owasco Lake 9/10


Got out on Owasco Lake around 9:30 am. I checked a few things out. I spent 2.5 hours targeting lakers in the AM. The north end was full of baitfish – I haven’t seen this much bait in a few years here. Lakers were out from around 70′ to at least 90′ of water. I landed one 23″er and missed a couple others. I marked other fish shallower – probably bass, young perch, rainbows and walleyes (who knows?)

I checked out some alien areas (to me) and had a couple bite-offs from pike. I landed some panfish and one smallmouth, but overall fishing was slow. The wind made things tough and I think the slow fishing was mainly due to the weather pattern. Time will tell, but I expect good things here. H2O on top was 69 degrees. Only a couple other boats were out. Fall fishing is upon us!