Owasco Lake 9/17, Cayuga Lake 9/18


Owasco Lake: Guided Greg for a full day. It was very windy out of the south. Some guys were getting ready to go out and launch for a bass tournament and decided not to fish! It was choppy but not dangerously so. Lake trout fishing was pretty good with Greg landing 5 fish if I remember correctly. One was a really nice fish around 27″. There’s plenty of bait in this lake and I think the fishing will be really good once we hit a good weather day. Fish are well-distributed throughout the entire lake.

Cayuga Lake: Guided Mark and Kevin for a full day out of Myers Point. The lake trout bite was spotty. September fishing on Cayuga Lake for lake trout (especially after the 1st week of the month) typically involves fishing over large numbers of fish and waiting for a bite window. We had a couple of these “windows” today and the guys did pretty well, landing 6 lakers including a couple wild ones running from 26″ to 27″.

Three salmon were caught today – a couple sublegals (one was nice – around 17″) and Mark’s big 27″er that had a huge 23″ lamprey attached to it! Yowsa! We kept the lamprey and released the fish. It had 2 nasty scars on it but should be ok. It was a beautiful day despite the possibility of rain. We never encountered any, which has been the case all season long for the most part.

Propagation netting for lakers on Cayuga Lake is scheduled to start on October 3rd. At that point in time I’ll be concentrating my lake trout guiding on Cayuga Lake out of Long Point and Owasco Lake. It’s been a terrific lake trout year on Cayuga Lake! Probably the most consistent fishing I have seen since I began guiding 12 years ago.