Owasco Lake 9/20


Guided Tony for a full day. We started on the N. end flats searching for bait and possible bass/trout. We found perch – lots of perch in around 50′ of water! Lakers were active from around 67′ on out, but 80′ to 90′ was probably best. Tony landed 4 nice lakers on the day and missed a few others. Fish were pretty active – not the numbers from 2005 or ’06, but there are respectable numbers of fish around. Bass fishing further downlake yielded a couple fish from 13″ to 15″ or so on Superflukes. Fishing wasn’t real easy due to plenty of cut up weeds drifting around and a strong chop. The lake had a good N. wind blowing with whitecaps lakewide. H2O is around 65 on top.