Owasco Lake 9/30


The plan today was to fish Cayuga Lake out of Long Point for lake trout. But when I checked the weather forecast early this AM and then met Zack and his friend at the ramp at 7 am, I knew we had to move the trip to Owasco Lake. Winds gusting into the upper teens out of the north would not make for a fun trip fishing the Aurora area.

We launched at Emerson Park around 7:45. Fishing was tough due to the wind and conditions, but in short order Zack landed a decent lake trout. A couple hits were also had and what was likely a bass or two hooked. Winds came up and we worked different areas around the lake. Another 3 lakers wound up landed along with a 20 1/2" smallmouth bass (which we released.) We all felt we did pretty well given the driving winds and rain we dealt with on the day. By day's end, the air temps had dropped to 50 degrees and it felt even colder. The lakers we kept were ripe, which was surprising for this time of year on Owasco Lake. Water temps were 68 on the surface. We were the only boat on the lake as far as we could tell, but we never got down to the south end. Fairly brutal out there, but the guys wanted to go for it!