Owasco Lake 9/5 + 6


9/5 PM:  Got out on my own to check things out at Owasco.  I tried a couple tried ‘n true areas for trout and bass and had some decent luck and then quickly moved on.  I scouted a bunch of areas, some which I haven’t spent much time jigging before.  On the day I landed a couple smallmouths (to 20″) and a nice laker. I marked a lot of perch but didn’t fish for them.  I also marked a good number of what were likely small rainbows.

The lake generally looks beautiful, but there were signs of an algae bloom.  In one midlake area the algae was pretty heavy.  The invasive species steward today me that there was a short lived bloom for around 3 days back in July – that’s been it.  The cold weather should keep this one to a minimum.

9/6 AM: Guided Greg here for a 1/2 day starting just after 7 am.  He had a very solid morning jigging lakers with 7 fish including a 30″ and 31″er – both were gorgeous and in excellent condition.  A few were dropped as well.   A good area I found yesterday paid off with the 31″ fish.  Plenty of bait is around.  Boat traffic is low.  Water temp is around 70.  Owasco is a powerhouse fishery!