Owasco Lake 9/6


Launched out of Emerson Park (North end) around 11:15 am today. I’d been meaning to check out the fishing here for awhile and finally got around to it. Within 2 hours I landed 18 lake trout!!! It was incredible – I landed fish on 5 of my first 6 drops of the jig. I lost fish #1. Also had a big pelagic smallmouth get off by the boat, then he hit again.

My new temp probe worked great and put me in the right area quickly. The north end is swarming with baitfish. Lake trout ran from 18″ to 26.5″ with most running 23″ to 26″. The weather pattern certainly made a huge difference – low pressure with storms in the area. But I expect good to excellent fishing here from now through the 1st or 2nd week of November. I saw very few other boats out here today. Maybe 2 trout fishermen and one basser. All kinds of plastics produced well. It was a good day to use up some old flukes and tails I don’t fish much anymore. I left around 2:45 pm. Landed 3 more fish, though it took another hour and a half to get them. I’d timed the bite perfectly. It was the best laker fishing I’d seen since Champlain in terms of numbers. 75′ to 100′ was best. I never checked deep, but I know some bigger fish are likely out in the depths.