Owasco Lake/Skaneateles Lake 8/10


Fantastic fishing on Owasco Lake today! Guided trip with Peter and Todd and the fish were aggressive! The guys wanted to learn the jigging technique and were able to witness first hand how effective it can be. I’m guessing at least 15 nice fish were landed today, and another half dozen lost. Fish were running small to medium sized – from 20″ to 25″. The bite was pretty consistant all morning long. This lake is absolutely stuffed with hungry lake trout.

Went to Skaneateles Lake in the afternoon. I’m trying to work out some jigging patterns on this lake. Landed 2 legal lakers and a smallmouth bass in around 3+ hours of fishing. Fish ranged in depth from 35’+ for the smallie to over 65′ to 75′ for the lakers. Gold colored Kastmasters did the trick on the lakers. They were feeding on TINY perch! The 15″ and 17″ lakers had 1″ perch in their stomachs! Slim pickens in this lake! 😉