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Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/22

Guided a full day with Steve and his daughter Emily.  We got underway early.  Fish are spread out from shallow out to 150' or more.  Angling Zone past client Dave and a friend of his did well shallow this AM.  We had a great screen and a lot of fish out deeper moving for the jigs so we stayed out there and wound up with two big (27" to 29") lakers to show before moving up shallower.  Another 7 mostly smaller lakers came from around 50' to 70'.

Steve and Emily had plenty of fish for the table and were looking to do some casting and see what else the lake had to offer.  Neither had caught pickerel before so we headed north around noontime.  Pickerel action was very good on spoons and tubejigs.  We encountered around 15 or 16 solid fish running 21" to 23"+.  We landed about half to two-thirds of the hookups.  I don't mind pickerel getting off the line next to the boat - it tends to save my hands!  Obviously if folks want the fish, it's a different story.   The lake looked very good up north.  A few big carp were rolling around. The number of cormorants on Frontenac Island was pretty impressive - I hope some controls are put on them. They are massive fish eaters and are killing the trees on the island with their excrement.  

Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 5/18

Guided a full day of mostly fly-fishing with Gordon starting around 10:30 am.  Seneca is in pretty good shape with water levels and debris.  The canal has been very muddy due to dredging.  Action for us today was very slow.  Maybe some of it was the full blue moon - I don't know.  He had one hit on flies that was probably a salmon.  He landed one 26" pike on a spoon.  We covered a lot of water (with gear at times too) and conditions were good with a nice north wind and great water temperatures for trout/salmon.  I just don't feel that there are a lot of salmon out there and I've mentioned that before.  A few are showing up here and there, but large areas of the lake do not seem to be holding active fish in the shallows as would normally be the case with the conditions we had.  We did mark a decent amount of bait and Gordon did a little laker jigging too without any hits.  I usually like the opening week or two of pike season but in many years' past we had warmer than usual March/April weather. With the exceptionally cold spring I think a lot of pike are sitting on the bottom in a fairly negative to neutral mood.  I did spot a fish or two doing just that.  Expect fishing to improve markedly this week and thereafter. Water temps ran from 47 to 52 degrees.  A few other boats were out fishing.

Cayuga Lake out of Myers 5/17 midday

Guided Todd for 1/2 day starting just after 9 am.  We had a slow, difficult day of fishing.  Cayuga Lake is very muddy from the south end northwards to up past Myers.  There is also a lot of debris in the lake - mostly small to medium sized stuff.  There is a ton of small stuff out there.  The mud is just that - mud; there's lots of water out there with very little visibility/transperency.  Some of it has the greyish "glacial looking" stain to it.  There are large areas of warm water too.  Plenty of water is out there in the 47 to 51 degree range.  This water will move up large amounts of baitifsh.  It also will scatter trout and salmon far and wide.  In terms of consistent casting/fly casting for trout and salmon, that window is pretty much closed - not that we had any consistent fly-fishing anytime at all through the winter.  The last great casting I experienced here was around mid-March.  Once the nearshore laker bite dissipated, the fishing in general got tougher, even though we were taking browns and salmon fairly consistently along with the lakers.

We tried pike/pickerel casting to start with no action.  We did see a large pickerel cruise by, but it had no interest in our presentation.  We did a good amount of casting for trout/salmon.  That is where the lack of wind hurt us moreso than the muddy water.  I also ran all the way up to Sheldrake (yes - we covered a lot of water in a half day!) in an effort to jig some lakers.  Laker jigging was also very slow.  Todd had two instances where he might have had a hit on bottom.   I would bet that laker jigging is still good north of Long Point but further south it has been tough.  We did mark fair numbers of fish in places but for the most part the screen was pretty sparse.  While casting, Todd has one light hit from what was likely a stockie trout or salmon.  That was it on the day.  Hopefully tomorrow's trip will show some improvement.  Stay tuned...

Owasco Lake out of Emerson Park 5/16

Fished a full day trip here with Mark I. starting at 9 am.  I was groggy this AM and wound up showing up at the launch thinking we had an 8 am start!  Fortunately Mark was running early and came down around 8:35.  He rigged his fly-rods and we were underway around 9. 

Mark hadn't fished here before and I was hoping to show him the lake's good pike fishing.  We started by checking out some laker jigging.  I didn't mark much in less than 100 FOW.  Out deeper we found some fish but they weren't hitting much.  So off to try for pike we went - unfortunately conditions were very tough today for the pike too.  We had no wind and very muddy water with some debris in it from the south end up around 3 miles north.  Working muddy water with various gear set ups (e.g. spoons and stickbaits) did not even generate a follow.  

We tried various areas.  We saw plenty of perch, a few smallmouths and even a few lethargic walleyes.  We went back to more laker jigging and Mark had some good follows but still no grabs - it was very similar to my last time out here (which also resulted in no fish on April 25th.)  Some wind finally came up and we set up for pike again.  Things were looking good with a hit and two follows on the flies, but no hookups  Very tough day. Mark wound up with a couple perch, that was it.  

My guess is that fish are still lethargic with the cold and oftentimes muddy water.  There are a lot of pike in this lake and I know we had to be around some.   A solid week of warming temperatures should get this bite going again.  I plan on hitting Watkins Glen soon and hope to have a better pike report, even though I know it will be cold and muddy down there too.   

Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 5/14 midday

Had a late booking with Tony and Pete for a casting trip targeting salmon/trout and pike/pickerel.  I give these guys credit - I had two postponements due to the weather and the guys decided to fish despite air temps in the 40s, rain and much more wind that we expected.  These guys fish hard, enjoy themselves out there and understand fishing. We've had some great fishing days together (e.g. pike on Seneca last fall) and a few tougher ones.

Conditions were difficult.  Most of the water from Taughannock south is murky, debris filled and cold.  Water temps that ranged upwards of 45/46 degrees last Wednesday are now hanging down at 42/43.  We got lucky and on his second or third cast Peter hooked up with a decent brown on a tube jig.  It was probably 16" to 17" long, though the guys thought it was smaller - we just don't catch many browns under 16" in Cayuga Lake, at least I haven't while guiding and I'm pretty good at judging the size of fish that are hooked from afar.  Either way, it got off about halfway to the boat.  Within a 1/2 hour, Tony hooked up with a fish on a Flat Rap.  I slipped the net under a solid 18" rainbow that was a dropback. It was a clipped fish, showing that stocking rainbows pays dividends in Cayuga Lake.  

The areas we wanted to fish pike in were chocolate mud.  A lot of the lake is a bit muddier than what I like for casting.  We didn't do any pike fishing, though Tony had a follow from a nice pickerel in one area.  We had no other discernable hits or follows.  Tough day and the wind really picked up near the end of our half-day trip.  I can't remember the last time I saw widespread surface temps of 43 degrees during the middle of May.  


Skaneateles Lake 5/12

The miserable weather we've had thus far this spring has had me reshuffling trips.  The upside of this, is that with all my cancellations, I get more fishing time.  Unfortunately the fishing is usually all done in crappy weather, as was the case today.  I have great raingear and footwear.  When I offer clients the option of rescheduling their trips, it's partially because a lot of people do not have the gear and frankly would prefer to fish on a nice day. When you have good rain gear, not wanting to fish on a rainy cold day is mostly a psychological issue.  

I wanted to try for walleyes today on Skaneateles Lake.  My big fear with the walleyes in this lake is that the idiotic illegal stocking will result in just enough walleyes to crash the rainbow trout and landlocked salmon population, but not enough to result in a top-notch walleye fishery. Give me one or the other!  Talking with friends and thinking it over - it's very unlikely that this lake will ever be a great walleye fishery.  You have crystal clear water and not a lot of nutrients.  You aren't going to grow walleyes very fast in here.  People are likely going to have to target them at night too for the most part.  But I felt with today's conditions and pre-spawn fish, I'd have a good shot.  Of course I'm not Mr. Walleye either - I've caught a decent amount in my life, but I don't fish for them often.  

With rain, clouds and wind I felt conditions would be pretty favorable for a walleye bite.  DEC has been doing some netting here and they've been picking up some males mostly in deep water.  Fish here are still pre-spawn!  That's how cold the water is in this lake.  I had 43 degree water in most areas with the exception of the south end, which was up to 48.   The lake level is high - very much so and is rising.  I fished both ends of the lake and places in between.  In my first hour I landed 5 solid smallmouths and dropped a fish that felt different.  It MIGHT have been a walleye, but I wouldn't bet on it.  I fished areas down south and landed a couple pickerel.  I also landed a laker on the day and 8 really solid 10" to 13"+ perch.  I threw back quite a few perch too.  No signs of rainbows, salmon or walleye today.  I fished from just past noon until 7:30 pm.  It's pretty safe to say I was the only boat that launched out of the State Launch today.  On the whole day I saw two other boats out.  It rained and air temps dropped to 41 degrees while I was fishing, but with my Bass Pro Shops 100 MPH rainsuit, I was very comfortable for most of the day.  I certainly stayed dry but after a while I was ready to call it a day.

Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/11 AM

Guided a 1/2 day trip with Oliver and Louize.  Neither had caught lake trout before and Louize had never been fishing before.  The trip starting promising with Louize nabbing a solid 27" lake trout within the first few drops of her jig.  Then our activity slowed.  We had an area of murky water, which is actually where she caught that fish, but I moved us into some clearer water.  We tried the shallows and did not find many fish there.  A move back out to 120' and beyond paid off.  The bite got going once the sun came out and wind picked up a bit.  Oliver nailed two 28"ers and a 24"er.  Both dropped a fish or two.  Absolutely perfect weather out there and we capped the day spotting an interesting weather phenomenon - circumhorizontal arcs in the sky!  (That's what they are called - I had to look it up!)   Multi colored cloud-like formations due to moisture in the sky.  It was awesome, especially when viewed with polarized sunglasses.  Looks like more rain this week. It hasn't been a very kind spring weather-wise - rain, cold, wind and clouds.  Oh well, such is life in Central NY.

Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 5/8 PM

Finally got my newer Crestliner (my 2013 FishHawk) out on the water for its shakedown trip.  Everything is looking and running great!  Cayuga Lake had a good chop today, sunny conditions and a steady north wind - just what I like for casting for salmon.  Much of the lower lake (south of Taughannock) is showing water temperatures of around 45/46 degrees. 

Fishing remains slow for browns and salmon. I fished around 4+1/2 hours today in a variety of areas and had a few follows from what were likely freshly stocked dinks.  In one area I caught one with a Countdown Rapala in a discontinued flourescent orange/yellow glow color.  A few casts later I was solid into a big fish.  I thought it was a brown, but it wound up being a beautiful 10lb. 29" laker that walloped my stickbait in around 8 FOW.  I kept the fish for the smoker hence the weight.  The stomach was filled with gobies of various sizes.  I talked to two other boaters that pulled out when I did.  One blanked and the other landed around a 3lb brown.  Fish were scattered and somewhat inactive today.

This website is in the midst of a nice new facelift.  It will read much better and easier on smartphones and tablets.  The format will be the same with the lakes, species, reports and other headers/content but it is much more modern.  I'm not sure when it'll be online but hopefully within a couple months at the latest.  I will have an easier time posting photos and will be able to add them to the reports.  It's long overdue!  I gave up for the most part on adding massive numbers photos to this site because it was a major hassle.  It was a pain for the viewer to click through and a pain on my end, so  I only add special shots, like the sturgeon from last year or something of that nature. 

Lake Ontario out of Oswego 5/6

Got back out to Oswego again today for another solo trip.  Hit my pizza place again (it's the one in Cato - not Weedsport fwiw.)   Had completely different conditions today on the lake - this time winds were calm, the lake was flat and the sun was shining brightly.  No fog.  Water was cold - pretty much 40 degrees all the way down, though my surface temp reading was in the low to mid 50s.  Harbor temp reached 56/57 today.

I worked a bunch of different depths right out to 140'+ today.  Had a few marks here and there that were most likely lake trout.  I marked very little bait.  Had zero fish moving for my jigs.  I worked back in towards the harbor and marked some fish in around 65' to 75'.  Dropped my jig and reeled it up and felt the rod load up!  Wound up reeling in a nice 25" brown.  It was in fair condition and had a lamprey scar.  I let it go after a quick photo. First brown I've ever jigged up there in flat glassy conditions during the middle of the day.  I do believe the fish in Lake Ontario are very hungry now.  Usually when I've jigged browns on the lake it's been early AM and there's some chop and maybe some cloud cover.  That was a first for me.

I worked a favorite harbor area for smallmouths and landed three - two of which were real pigs.  The bass bite in the harbor wasn't nearly as good this time around as it was last week.  Maybe someone stung a bunch before me, or more likely the fished moved - possibly into the warm river water.   I checked back out on the lake before I called it quits.  Marked a fair amount of bait (compared to what I'd seen previously) but no fish.  Overall I was happy with my brown and a few bass, all of which were taken between 12:30 and 5:30 pm.  It's probably the first time I've hit paydirt on trout and salmon on three consecutive casting/jigging trips up there ever.  We'll see if it keeps up.  Next on the docket will likely be Cayuga for some salmon/brown fly-casting, Skaneateles for a crack at some walleyes/perch or perhaps Owasco or Seneca for northerns (and salmon on Seneca.)  We have a lot of options here in Central NY!  I wouldn't mind hitting some old haunts like Irondequoit Bay or Conesus Lake either for drum/gar or walleyes respectively.   Time will tell.

Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 5/4 + 5/5 AM

Lake trout fishing continues to be good out of Long Point on Cayuga Lake.  We have been taking all our fish from around 135' or so out to 160'.  Fish are deeper and shallower as well - as is nearly always the case this time of year.  Numbers of fish I'm marking out deep are trending downwards which usually means that fish are moving shallower.  Some good action has been had from 120' out as well.  Weather is usually the #1 factor in fishing success and the overcast, foggy days hampered the bite a bit.  Sunny weather really helps the deep jigging!   

5/4:  Guided Drew, Drew and John today for a 1/2 day, then the Drews went into Drew's boat and I just had John onboard for the second half of the day.  The guys were out yesterday (Friday) on Drew's boat and caught over 20 lakers in around 3 hours.  The fishing was superb.  It slowed down a bit this weekend.  We had 4 fish or so during the AM trip then John nabbed another two in the afternoon.  One fish came up with a lamprey attached, but the parasitic eel like creatures still remain uncommon thus far this season. We did see the first few jet skiis of the year out.  One of my favorite parts of winter and early spring fishing is the lack of pleasure boat traffic - it has been QUIET out there!  It won't be for much longer, though things rarely ever get crazy on the eastern Finger Lakes.

5/5:  Had a lot of fun today during the AM with Jeff (who was celebrating his 50th birthday) and his buddies, Carl and Bill. The guys had a very solid day with around a half dozen fish landed and some lost.  Fish ran to 30".  Lakers are still eating a lot of alewives and multiple year-classes are in their stomachs.  It was a typical solid early May day on Cayuga Lake.  Best color was chartreuse/limetreuse.  Whites are also good as usual.  All on 1+1/2 oz Arrowhead jigs.

Lake Ontario out of Oswego 5/2

Had a terrific day of fishing solo out of Oswego today.  At 11 am I was in Cato enjoying a couple slices of great pizza from the New York Pizzeria just as they opened.  It's one of my favorite pizza places for a slice and has been that way for close to two decades. From there it just got better.  After some fruitless casting with a stickbait I switched to a tube jig and nabbed a 21" smallmouth that was at least 5lbs on my 1st cast.  Another 8 smallmouths followed over the next hour and 15 minutes.  

After that, I had a choice - flyfish or spin fish for browns or take a ride and see what the kings were up to.  I chose the latter and am glad I did.  I got away from the few boats working outside the harbor and set up for kings/lake trout.  I was marking fish right from the start and had groups of what were likely kings under me on a few occasions.  They were chasing.  The next group that came by resulted in a hookup!  It was incredibly exciting to have a hold of a chrome spring king on my laker set up.  After a great battle I netted (using my usual laker net) the solid fish - a 34" 12+3/4lb chromer.   What I saw afterwards over the next couple hours was pretty wild.  I actually saw a chinook chase a baitfish right under the surface of the lake - moving through the water like a torpedo!  Fish were surfacing for bait all around me (though not often) - try as I may,  I couldn't get them on my gear.  Overall  I didn't have any other luck (the conditions started to change for the worse.)

Reports all along the south shore of Lake Ontario have been great - from the piers/shoreline to trollers, the fishing appears to be the best in recent memory - and this is after last year's great fishing.  Nobody is talking about the baitfish situation. To me it's pretty obvious that baitfish numbers are very low.  My fish appeared healthy but only had one huge (aka old) alewife in it.  It is odd for this many salmon to be caught throughout the shallows of the lake this time of year.  Spring brown trout fishing doesn't usually result in good numbers of spring Kings.  I think this is going to be the start of the "Lake Ontario Roller Coaster" in terms of baitfish numbers and fishing success.  Like Lake Michigan, I think our days of steady great year after year fishing are done.  I did mark some bait today but not much despite plenty of warm water in and around Oswego Harbor.  

What an incredible day!  To go from trophy sized smallmouths to a gorgeous King on a jig all within less than 3 hours is a testament to the tremendous fishing we have in NY State in general and in Lake Ontario in particular.

Skaneateles Lake 4/30 PM

Got out on my own for around 4 1/2 hours starting fairly late - by the time I was fishing it was 3:15 pm.  Only two other trailers were in the state lot at Skinny today when I arrived.  I tried a bunch of different areas - some that I hadn't fished in a while, just to see what was going on.  My main target was perch but I was fishing a method that is deadly on this lake's rainbows and other species - hair jigs, tube jigs and also some perch rigs.

I caught perch in a bunch of areas.  Mostly quality fish but no slobs.  I wasn't looking to load the boat today (I wasn't in the mood to spend a lot of time filleting - I just wanted enough fish for a few meals) and that's what happened,  I only nabbed around 10 perch. I gladly would've taken a few more, but didn't get into any great concentrations.   I spent a lot of the day casting hair jigs in hopes of some rainbows.  Despite very favorable conditions I never contacted any rainbows or salmon today.  I landed two nice 20" to 21" lakers and lost one.  I also caught a nice smallmouth bass and had another follow.  No sign of any walleyes. Water temps ran from 39 to 43 or so.  The lake is still very cold.  I could see bottom in around 28 FOW today!  That's damn clear!  A little more wind would've helped the fishing but overall it wasn't bad.   


Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/29

I had a full day trip with Jeremy scheduled for this past Saturday, but the downright brutal conditions (wind/cold/rain/snow) necessitated us to postpone the trip until today.  Today was my last day of teaching fly-fishing over at Cornell for the spring semester so we had to make the trip a 6 hour one instead of eight.  We started just after 7 am and fortunately the bite was good from the get-go.  We had a great day overall with 12 lakers landed, including three wild fish. A bunch were dropped as well - probably another 10 to 12.  Baitfish are moving up gradually.  The water level was great, temps were in the low 40s and we had the lake to ourselves the entire time until we came in at 1 pm.  Fantastic day and it was good to catch up with Jeremy, whom I hadn't seen in around 5 years. 

Owasco Lake out of Emerson Park 4/25 PM

Guided Wayne (who joined me on Monday on Cayuga) for a 1/2 day trip starting at noon. He has a place on Owasco Lake and has had good luck trolling.  The goal today was to show him around areas of the lake he hadn't fished and go over seasonal patterns plus areas for different species.  He didn't care whether he caught fish today -otherwise we'd have gone to Cayuga again for some big lakers.

I talked to anglers on two boats set up for trolling as they pulled out.  Neither had any action today. Even perch seemed lockjawed for some folks (and there are loads of perch in the outlet!)  It didn't take us long to locate lakers and they were moving upwards of 60' for the jigs but they were not hitting well.  We gave it over an hour with no bumps.  We worked other areas around the lake with no action.  I showed Wayne a favorite "rock seam" of mine and we saw numerous walleyes sitting around shallow.  Region 7 Biologists aren't kidding - there still are a lot of walleyes in this lake.  Wayne was psyched about targeting them later on once the season opens.  We went back to our lakers and Wayne had a good hookup for a little while before the hook pulled out.  That was it on the day.  Beautiful day to be out but the lakers are still fairly deep and dormant.  Cayuga Lake continues to offer the best lake trout fishing in the Finger Lakes at this point in time.


Cayuga Lake 4/22 - 23

Guided Wayne out of Long Point on Monday the 22nd for a 1/2 day starting around 8 am.  Fishing was good with 4 solid lakers landed and another 1/2 dozen or more dropped. It was Wayne's first time doing the style of jigging I like and it can take some practice.  Fish are looking good.  Around 1/2 dozen boats were out.  Our action was had out deep - 120' to 150'.  Plenty of nice fish are out there.

Today was a 1/2 day midday trip with Andy and John.  I picked them up via boat from Taughannock - they were last out with me on March 29th when they caught a couple lakers and Andy nabbed a big brown and nice salmon.  The weather looked good on paper for casting with light south winds increasing as the day went on. Unfortunately we didn't have any wind to start and the entire eastern shore from the south end of the lake up past Portland Point was a very muddy debris filled mess.  It may be good for trolling in a day or two or three but was an impediment for our style of casting. We never raised a fish casting despite some good conditions elsewhere.  We resorted to some laker jigging near AES and Andy landed one decent laker and lost another.  John lost one as well.  Tough day and we did some casting late but again, had no activity.  The mud zone had water as warm as 50 degrees.  Most of the lake is around 40 to 44.

Seneca Lake out of Geneva 4/21

Had the day (Easter) off today and conditions looked good for checking on the laker jigging on Seneca.  I've found the lake trout fishing on this lake to be fairly poor over the past three years - at least compared to how we did here in the 2000s and up through around 2013 or 2014.  And it's certainly poor compared to Cayuga.  The fishing here is gradually improving but we are likely a year or two away from a major uptick.  DEC nettings have found a good class of mostly stocked lakers here that will be catchable next year.  As I've often said, and my archived reports will attest - I love fishing this lake and am happiest when all the Finger Lakes are fishing well.  It gives us more options, more variety and takes pressure off of the current "hot lakes."

I checked out the northern portions of the lake, midway down towards Sampson and the area off of Sampson State Park.  I marked fair to good numbers of fish everywhere I went. Most were deep - 120' to 150' .   Fish were moving for the jigs but not hitting well.  This has been the case here for years - it's what I hear from my fellow jiggers.  My friend Mike's theory is that these are likely small, undersized (sub-legal) fish.  He may be right.  Because fish should be hungry enough to grab a jig now - they are just coming out of their winter dormancy.  As far as I could see, baitfish haven't moved in yet to any major extent. That being said, I landed a very healthy, completely clean laker a few miles south of Belhurst.  I kept the 22" fat fish and it weighed around 4lbs 14 oz.  It was stuffed with alewives. On the day I had one or two other hits. I dropped my jig over dozens of fish.  

I certainly wouldn't hesitate to fish lakers here this year, especially if I were already on the lake doing other stuff.  There are enough fish around (if they are catchable-sized) to provide some good fishing.  But until I see otherwise, it doesn't appear to be worth a special trip given how good Canandaigua and Cayuga are.  But time will tell.  The beauty of the wild fish this lake is capable of churning out is impressive.  They are the nicest looking wild fish in the region - bar none.  I'll be trying the jigging here again - likely after pike season opens and I'm on the lake fishing northerns.  I gave the perch fishing about 2 hours today and didn't find any.  Only three other boats were on the lake on the day that I saw - two were perch fishing and one looked to be setting up for lakers.  Water level was excellent.  Surface temps are 40 to 44.  


Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/20

Earlier in the week I was telling Ron that we would probably have to cancel our trip or go from a full day down to a half.  The forecast was calling for south winds around 14 - 18 mph gusting up to 30 along with one or more inches of rain.  The 10 day forecast has its moments but is often very inaccurate more than 3 days out.   I like NOAA but that will not give out wind forecasts more than a couple days in advance (probably because there isn't much of a point in throwing out an inaccurate forecast.)   

The weather wound up being great.  The lake was like glass for most of the day (good for laker jigging in deep water, but not good for much else in the Fingers.)   We had a terrific day.  Ron would be the first to admit that his execution left a bit to be desired today. He literally lost at least 10 solid hookups, but fortunately the fish bit great and he landed a dozen solid fish up to 31".  A 30" wild laker was the highpoint of the trip - a gorgeous laker!  

We had a bit of rain last night but it wasn't enough to mess up our deep water fishing.  I'm not sure what conditions are like on the lakes mid-south portions but we had plenty of gin-clear water.  Various Lunker City Shakers did the job in 130 to 150 FOW.  I did mark some bait. All fish went back into the drink today.

Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 4/18

Got out for a full day of fishing with my buddy Terry.  We started just after 11 am and wrapped up around 6:30 pm.  I chose Watkins because of the wind forecast - strong south winds gusting to over 30 mph.  Ithaca actually had gusts close to 40 mph today!  Those winds are brutal any which way you look at it.  We were limited to areas right on the south end of the lake.  The canal was a muddy mess for the most part.  Terry picked up some nice perch minnows at Roy's on the way down.  We never had a hit on either perch or salmon today.  While casting for salmon, Terry had a couple follows from small fish that he wasn't able to identify. 

It was a nice day to be out with air temps up over 70 degrees but the fishing left a lot to be desired.  Two large boats (one charter) were out trolling.  Winds died down somewhat in the afternoon by around 4 pm and we were able to fish some areas we couldn't earlier.  Still no sign of fish.  The areas that produced salmon on my last two prior trips out here did not yield any activity.

Cayuga Lake out of Myers Park 4/16

Guided a full day trip with Mike and his son Joseph, who had a week off for spring break from high school.  The guys were looking to learn about fishing Cayuga Lake with regards to casting for trout/salmon and jigging.  After an uncertain forecast early in the week for today, the most recent forecast looked pretty reasonable so off we went. We launched at 9:30 am.  

Fishing was tough today.  Some of it is likely the lack of warm water.  Despite warm rain on Sunday night, the cold temps on Monday and Monday night really cooled the influxes of water back down.  We didn't find much water warmer than 41 degrees today.  We did not encounter any shallow lakers despite working a bunch of areas.  Mike did nab a beautiful 17"+ rainbow on a tube jig.  We sporadically encounter rainbows casting and jigging but not many and we saw very few last year.  He had a follow from what sounded like a nice salmon (he described the fish - which I did not see, to me.)  Jigging was slow out of Myers too.  It is better up north overall.  The guys had a couple hookups but not many.  Mike did manage to land a solid fish around 24".  Joe lost one that appeared to be a pretty good fish after around 20 or 30 seconds.  

Launching at Myers did not pose any problems for my 18' boat.  The lake should be rising fairly quickly now.  It appears to be up another foot or more from last week.  Now we just need a gradual warming trend and the inshore trout/salmon fishery should get back on track.

Skaneateles Lake 4/13 + Cayuga Lake 4/14 AM

Skaneateles Lake 4/13:  Guided Scott for a full day of fly-fishing.  We'd been trying to find a good day to fly-fish for over a year now.  Scott wanted to "live or die by the fly" so I did not bring any back up spinning tackle.  Conditions were fair for fly-fishing during most of the day.  Winds were not steady and often shifted direction.  No wind in the ultra-clear water of Skaneateles Lake makes for spooky fish and tricky fishing. 

Scott nabbed a perch after maybe two hours of fishing but for a lot of the day it looked bleak. Solid areas for landlocked salmon with good conditions resulted in no hits or even follows.  Good rainbow areas also were devoid of fish. Towards the end of the day Scott got a couple grabs in an area and wound up with two lakers on the fly - one around 17" and one just over 20".  He'd never caught a laker before so these fish made the day.

On the way back we assisted a boat of three anglers with some engine issues.  I always bring an extra battery, but if the boat is starting great throughout the day and just dies with no sign of a weak battery or turning over, it could be the kill-switch and that's what it was.  Lake temps are around 37 degrees.  

Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 4/14 AM:  Met Gary and his son Zach, along with Zach's friend George at the launch at around 7:30 am.  Gary wanted to be on the road early to get back home and the guys ran a little late, so we weren't able to start at 7 am, our scheduled start time.  I'm not a big fan of starting early for laker jigging this time of year.  The bite is often better later.  And that's what happened.  

We had zero action for the first two hours of the trip.  There isn't much worse for a guide than not seeing anything early in a trip.  It's easy for clients to get discouraged, lose interest and not pay attention, but fortunately the guys kept at it.  Gary hooked up a big heavy laker and after a good strong battle I slipped the net under a 31" chunker.  It was probably 10 to 11lbs.  It was his biggest freshwater fish to date.  Zach hooked one and lost it, then hooked another that we got to the net - a 29"er.   It was Gary's turn but his hands weren't working too well in the cold.  He had a good hookup but it got off due to those issues.  The guys were pretty cold and Gary needed to get on the road, so we knocked off a bit early. Tough fishing but plenty of fish were around and they were starting to hit better during the middle of the AM.  Thankfully the guys caught a couple and we were able to get off of the lake before the cold rains started!   I did mark some alewives moving up.  Fish came from 120' to 150'.

Lake Ontario out of Oswego 4/11

Met my buddy Terry up at Wright's Landing at 10:45 am.  Launching is available but the facilities aren't open yet - so no payment required but also no bathrooms/cleaning station/ice available.   I don't mind that trade-off.   Around 4 to 5 boats had launched out of there and they were mainly trolling around the harbor area for browns.  Only two charter boats were in slips at the marina thus far.  I didn't run across any definite charters out trolling.

It was pretty darn cold outside.  At times we got pelted by a little freezing rain or snow pellets.  Surface temps on the lake were around 38/39, though we had 42/43 in the harbor and in a few areas elsewhere.  We worked a bunch of different shoreline areas and the harbor by casting stickbaits, bladebaits, spoons and jigs.  A lot of spring brown trout fishing is a troller's game with large areas of downright muddy, dingy gray and fishy green water.  Terry had a couple follows in one area we worked on a silver bladebait.  We tried a bunch of nice windblown shores.  Finally I connected with a chunky 18" to 19" brown on a Flat-Rap.  We worked a few more areas and finally started getting some hits and follows.  My next fish hit hard and fought great - it was a 27" brown.  Then I nabbed a jumping 17"er that I thought was a coho from the fight, but was just an acrobatic brown.  By the end of the day, nobody but us was on the lake.  That's been a rare occasion for us at Oswego, but I'll take it!  Fun day but we also got lucky. 

Cayuga Lake 4/6 - 4/8

Did three days in a row of guiding on Cayuga Lake.  The  "wild card" goby forage dynamic continues to mystify.  Alewives are making a strong showing up north.  It is very intriguing.

4/6:  Did a full day out of Long Point with Paul, Keith and Keith's son Noah. Last time I guided these guys was back around 2006 when Noah was maybe 8 or 9 years old. Now he's in college and a heck of a bass fisherman - the passage of time is just astonishing. It doesn't feel like it was that long ago....  Lake trout jigging was fantastic with a terrific deep bite.  The guys landed around 23 to 24 solid fish with numerous trout in the 27" to 30" range.  We only had a couple wild fish. Paul wanted to harvest a lot of lakers.  I cleaned 12 fish and although I didn't throroughly check all the stomach contents, nearly all of them were packed with alewives of varying sizes.  I had one fish with a goby.  That was it. Over the last couple years most lakers we caught this time of year had around 50% or more gobies in them.  Weird. 

4/7: Guided Mark I. and his friend Dick out of Taughannock for a full day starting at 9 am. The predicted south winds that we wanted for inshore fly-fishing and casting never materialized.  A couple of my friends were out on the lake. Most people reported a slow to very slow day out there.  We had slow fishing. Jigging started out slow near the power plant but Dick managed one laker.  Casting was tough as well with Dick nabbing one 22" really beautiful salmon.  We went back to jigging and Mark caught a good laker and the guys dropped a couple.  Nice day to be out but pretty darn tough action.

4/8:  Today was a late booking with Eric and his wife Molly.  They had never caught lakers so we gave the jigging a go where I'd left off with Mark the day before. We had a solid bite with 5 fish landed and 3 dropped. Casting resulted in some follows from solid salmon but no grabs.  The weather was fantastic and the predicted strong southerlies and westerlies didn't materialize until we were off the water at 1 pm.  

Cayuga Lake remains low. The lack of rain has made for cold conditions throughout the lake and in front of stream mouths, including the south end.  The usual warm water spring trolling/casting hot areas are cold.  In addition, the low lake levels result in a lot of the south end areas being two to three feet shallower than normal, so fish in those areas would be very skittish or somewhat scarce. April has shaped up to be a tougher than usual month on Cayuga Lake so far for salmon and browns.  Deep laker fishing up north is great though.

Skaneateles Lake 4/4 midday

Got out with my old pal Craig (who now lives across the country) from around 11:15 am til about 4:45 pm.  We fished out of his dad's Skeeter. He wanted to check on the electronics he'd just installed to see whether all was working well, so we took his boat instead of mine.  Winds were honking pretty good out of the north and our tip top guides were freezing up during the first few hours of our day.  We picked up a few perch in various areas.  We hit an old favorite area and each caught solid rainbows on jigs - I had a 23" male and he got a 19" female.  Likely a pair - both were spawned out and didn't have a lot of zip to them.  Both were wild fish.  I also managed a beautiful 19" laker.  My buddy Mike was out here a week or so ago a couple of times and did very well on perch on one occasion and fair on another.  He also nabbed a good rainbow.  The trend of fewer but larger rainbow trout continues on this lake, likely due to walleye predation of newly hatched and stocked rainbows.  I will try to get back here soon when the weather is a little more conducive to putting in a long day, hitting a lot of areas and doing some fly-fishing.  H2O temps were cold - 36 degrees.  Water level is ok - maybe slightly low.

Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 4/2

Got back out to Watkins Glen, this time with my friend Mike.  We brought fly-gear but with the forecast high winds we wound up using spinning tackle all day long. We fished from 11:30 am til around 7 pm.  Salmon fishing continues to be good.  We found fish in the same areas as last week.  We had more follows from better fish than last time.  Mike dropped a dime silver salmon around 20" when it started going wild near the boat.  I managed to land two fish - a lamprey ravaged 16+1/2"er and a clean 17"er.  I lost one "octopus" salmon that appeared to have 2 to 3 attached lampreys.  I wound up snagging one of the lampreys as my hook pulled out of the fish.  They were small lampreys - basically this year's class.  Stickbaits and swimbaits raised the fish.

Lake temps remain cold - the warmest water we found was around 40 degrees.  Lake level is very good.  Virtually nobody is fishing this lake.  A local sheriff stopped by and asked us how the fishing was.  We were the first boat he'd seen out in quite some time!   We finished off the day with some perch fishing and did well.   

Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 3/29 midday

Guided Andy and John for 1/2 day starting at 10 am. We had airtemps around 40 degrees and light rain to start with a light N wind.  Fishing was slow for the first 2+1/2 hours.  No hits. We tried a bunch of areas that had been productive over the past few weeks/months. We arrived in one stretch and Andy got bit on a tube jig and set the hook into a good fish. It wasn't fighting quite like a laker, which have been dominating the nearshore catch.  It wound up being a fat 25" brown.  Likely 7lbs+.  He had another hit or two then managed to land a 19" salmon.  John got into a couple solid lakers in a different area.  We kept one laker on the day. 

If we'd had the forecast sun and warmer airtemps I think we would've done better. I also thought deep jigging lakers out of Long Point would've been a more sure-fire call, but the guys wanted to cast and fortunately everything worked out.  All our fish came on tube jigs today - no hits on stickbaits or bladebaits.  Very few boats were out.  Water level remains low and water remains cold with 37/38 lakewide and 39 on the south end.

Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 3/28

I've been chomping at the bit to get out here and check on salmon action.  Lampreys are finally getting under control and DEC rightly feels that the fishery is on its way back. I would have to agree.  I fished with Terry from around 9:15 am till about 3:15. Salmon fishing was good. It's the first time I've been able to say that on this lake in a couple years.  I realize that some anglers have done well here on salmon but it hasn't been the case for me and judging from the fact that there have been very few boats targeting salmon, I'm guessing action has been pretty slow overall for most anglers.  

We fished a bunch of areas and I wound up landing (on spinning gear) a 19.5"er, a 17.5"er and a 24"er.  I kept the 24" and 19.5".  They were in good condition - the 24" weighed 4lbs 10 oz and the smaller one was around 2lbs 8 oz.  Both had survived lamprey attacks.  The smaller albeit legal fish I released was clean.  We also had follows from some smaller 14" to 15" range fish. Overall we encountered 4 different year classes of salmon on the lake. Terry also landed a bonus perch.

I felt lucky today. I didn't miss any hits.  The fish were in very particular areas.  I wouldn't say the action was better than good at best.  But it was a lot better than what I've experienced here in 5 or 6 trips over the past two years with similar conditions. 

DEC Diary Cooperator data shows that there was a spike in salmon fishing success here last year. It should only get better.  If you fish this lake a few times a year or more for trout/salmon, you should become a cooperator. It's not much of a hassle at all. The catch information (or "no catch information") you relay back to DEC is very important.  If laker fishing remains slow, we may see a stocking increase, which would probably be a good idea.  DEC needs to see whether people are catching browns and rainbows as well and if the rainbows have fin clips.  You will get a say in management action and you'll also receive a cool report at the end of the season detailing catch rates.  You do not have to give up any hotspots either! 

Contact Region 8 at (518)226-5343.  Poor diary cooperator catches of salmon and browns on Keuka Lake resulted in those stocking policies being terminated at least temporarily, so your input is important!

Cayuga Lake out of Long Point 3/27

Fished with Terry for most of the day starting around 11 am.  We did a mix of casting and jigging and caught fish throughout the mid-lake areas from around 10' of water out to 150'. We had one sublegal (16 1/2") salmon shallow.  Lakers ran from 23" to 29".  Around 4 fish over 28" were taken deep.  Fish came on tube jigs, blade baits and swimbaits.  Terry managed to nab 3 solid bonus pickerel as well.  Water temps were 37 degrees.  Fishing out deep was excellent, the shallow bite was tougher mainly due to the lack of wind and calm sunny conditions. 

Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 3/21

Guided Charlie and his son Bill for a half day starting at around 10:15 am.  We had no action casting for salmon and browns apart from a couple lake trout.  We fished some areas that held concentrations of lakers and had some very good to excellent action with a few fish in the 28" to 29" range.  Fish look well fed and clean with very few, if any signs of lampreys.  Fish came on tube jigs, stickbaits and bladebaits (one.) 

Word is that the dam at the outlet is closed off and the lake is being raised to full pool.  Right now it's still very low - maybe a few inches up from last week.  Nobody else launched out of Taughannock while we were out.

Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 3/14

Guided Mark I. for the full day starting around 10:30 am.  We were off the water by 7 pm.  With Mark the goal is usually to fly-fish. We set up for salmon and browns that would be looking up, as opposed to groveling the bottom for gobies.  Winds were fairly steady out of the south east to start.  Our first area didn't produce.  The second area we tried found a big brown taking a swirl and quick shot (and miss) at Mark's blue and white half and half.  About 5 minutes later, a smaller albeit still very nice brown gobbled his fly.  It was a 22.5" fish - probably 4lbs +.  It wasn't a massive tank or football but was in excellent condition nonetheless.  We released it.  No other hits were had (that were definite) working some salmon areas.

A trip a couple weeks ago showed lakers in shallow water, so I thought Mark would have a good shot with a fly-rod, floating line and clouser type fly.  We tried it but had no action.  I didn't bring any LC-13 leadcore fly-line heads on count of the wind so we went with tube jigs on a spinning rod - which is a fun and very productive was to fish.  Mark nabbed a 27" laker that he kept for dinner.  Also landed was a 22"er and a gorgeous, perfect 29" wild fish - both of which we released.  We hit a few other areas for salmon/browns during the course of the day but didn't have any activity.  So we wound up with the spinning gear and tube jigs and Mark was able to land a few more nice fish.  

So overall the fly-fishing could have been better, although the brown would be a solid for any fly-fisherman and it fought great.  Falling back on the tremendous inshore lake trout fishing made for a very good day with the 29" fish being a very memorable bit of "icing on the cake."   Lake levels are low and I bottomed out on my way back to the ramp. Funny, I'll often use trolling motor power to get out of the lagoon at Taughannock but my the end of the day I'll be too tired and not even think about doing it on the way back in.  Lake should be coming up a little but it's too early to tell whether the dam at the outlet outlet will be set to allow the lake to rise to full pool.  There is very little snowpack left in the area, so unless we get colossal rainfalls/snow, we should be out of the woods for spring flooding.  So hopefully we'll see the lake level come up to full pool, which will allow launching lake wide. Water temps are around 36/37, but there was some 38/39 degree water at the southend.  That would be more of a troller's game, since the swath of warmer muddy water was getting fairly formidable in size.  But if I'm a flat liner, I'd start thinking about that area after the next couple warm days.

I have pretty good availability over the next few weeks.  I will start posting open dates shortly to make it easy to schedule trips and give me a sense of how things are shaping up with my schedule. The website overhaul is underway so we'll see how that goes!

Shorefishing Report:  My buddy Mike shorefished Seneca Lake on Wednesday.  He reported good conditions but zero action on gear and flies.  He caught a very nice 22" salmon on a fly in Cayuga Lake from shore.

I received my Region 8 Diary summaries in the mail yesterday.  Canandaigua continues to be the hottest Western Finger Lake in terms of lake trout action.  Rainbow fishing there was also very good.  Keuka Lake catch rates went up, but that would still indicate an imbalanced fishery.  Hopefully the ciscoes will take to that lake.  Seneca Lake continues to provide slow fishing for the third year in a row.  Let's hope we see an uptick this year.  DEC predicts next year will be a significantly better lake trout year on Seneca Lake due to a fairly strong year class of young fish that will be catchable (size wise) in 2020.  

If you have no lake trout fishery in a lake with sea lampreys present, you have no cold water trout/salmon fishery.  In an effort to have a "balanced fishery" the lake trout stocking numbers on Seneca Lake were reduced a few times.  Now we have better balance but no fishery that anyone can get excited about.  People that clamor for more rainbows, browns and salmon need to understand this.  On Cayuga Lake there are people shorefishing all over the lake, up and down for lake trout.  Most fisherman just want to catch something nice or at least something.  People are happy with lake trout in the Finger Lakes region for the most part and they don't realize how much they love them on the end of their line until they're gone.  Without the great nearshore lake trout activity in Cayuga Lake now, we'd be having a fairly slow year for salmon and browns.



Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 3/9 PM

Got out with my friend Todd at around noontime.  We spent our day targeting trout and salmon with gear, though we did bring fly-rods incase conditions improved.  Two days of calm, nearly windless weather doesn't do much to activate salmon and browns.  We had a slow go of things for the first two hours with zero hits.  We tried an area that had produced well for me on my last guide trip and hit paydirt with over three hours of solid lake trout action.  We managed to land 8 nice lakers from 23" to 26"+ and Todd also nabbed a fat 17" salmon. We missed and dropped some solid fish too.  All came on tube jigs. We kept 7 lakers between the two of us for my smoker and Todd's grill.  The fish looked great - no lamprey marks and in great condition (nice and plump.)  Fish I cleaned each had an average of two fresh large gobies in them - including one goby that was still alive!   Cold water inshore lake trout fishing on Cayuga Lake is about as fun as any fishing opportunity I've experienced in NY State!   It was a blast.  Water temps dropped down to around 36 degrees.  There is some ice on the south end of the lake.  Winter ain't done yet!

Cayuga Lake Shorefishing 3/1 PM

Got out for around an hour and a half of shore casting today.  I did a lot of walking before I made a cast.  My efforts were rewarded with a rock solid hit and a great ensuing battle with a beast of a lake trout.  I wound up landing and releasing a 31"+ fish.  It made a great run and fought hard the entire time.  It blasted a blade bait.  Lake level remains low.  Looks like another cold blast is on the way.  Hopefully we'll see some good boating conditions after next week.

Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 2/23

Guided Robert for a full day starting around 9 am. He does a lot of fishing for lakers and browns on the NYC reservoir system and was looking to see how we jig lakers here as well as check out the Finger Lakes fishing.  The water level on Cayuga Lake is currently at the lowest level I've seen all year.  Water temps are at 37/38.  A 1/2 dozen or more boat went out today from Taughannock.

It was around 27 degrees when we launched today and we had south winds around 8 mph. Our first area didn't produce any definite hits, but the second one yielded a solid 26" brown that was likely at least 8lbs and maybe more.  After that Robert caught a nice laker and we were in business.  The next two hours provided superb lake trout action with 9 or 10 fish landed and many more hits coming.  Another brown was landed and he also caught lakers in another area.  All in all an excellent day of winter fishing with 12 to 13 lakers and 2 nice browns landed.  I kept two of the lakers for my smoker.  Robert's arm was worn out so I got a chance to fish for 10 minutes and managed to land a nice brown around 22".  The big brown came on a stickbait but all the other fish came on tube jigs.  We also tried some deep water and found a few lakers out there. Robert dropped one on a shaker.  

In the 20+ years I've been fishing the Finger Lakes for salmon, March has been the best landlocked salmon month for us on Cayuga (and Seneca when it is fishing well.)  Hopefully the weather will cooperate.  I have plenty of availabilty in March and April.  I expect good to excellent nearshore laker fishing (with bonus browns) to hold up into early May depending on how hot April is.  I do plan on checking Seneca Lake soon, perhaps from shore.

Cayuga Lake Shorefishing 2/14 PM

With cold conditions this AM and winds varying in speed and direction, shorefishing wound up being the best option for me today. It would've been tempting to drive over to Seneca Lake, but I didn't trust the wind forecasts, so Cayuga it was.

I opted to leave the fly-fishing gear at home with the temps right around freezing.  I checked out three different areas and wound up fishing two of them.  My first area proved best with two nice salmon landed both around 20".  One was a fresh (as opposed to drop-back) silver fish that hit a homemade spinner.  I kept this one for dinner.  5 minutes later I nabbed a one-eyed (although healthy looking otherwise) dropback that hit a jig.  That was it for action. I let go the second fish.  Lake level is low.  


Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 2/10 PM

Did a 1/2 day trip out of Taughannock with Rob and Chloe starting around 11:45 am.  The highs today were forecast to be around 29 to 34 degrees, depending on which weather service you clicked on. In a nutshell it was cold!  

I used to not do guided trips unless highs were supposed to be in the upper 30s or low 40s.  In the 2000s and early 2010s, before large numbers of lake trout were moving in shallow, we had to fish deep water flats for them - which usually meant launching out of Long Point.  Long Point Marina is one of the first to freeze up. That is the widest part of the lake and a wide open area of Cayuga Lake in terms of shelter from north winds - there is none!  A good wind can pound you over there!  Now we have good numbers of lakers ringing Cayuga Lake.  It's great!  There are plenty of good places to fish out of the wind.

Salmon and pike fishing usually meant dealing with wind.  Wind at 30 degrees makes for very uncomfortable casting.  With plenty of fish now in the shallows, it is possible to go out of Taughannock and catch fish even with light to non-existent winds, though a little breeze usually seems to help.  Cold weather plays havoc with fishing line.  Fly-fishing is a chore when 9 guides are freezing up constantly.  So I still prefer temps above freezing and the more wind, the warmer I like it to be.  

Cold conditions i.e. less that freezing temperatures play havoc with a lot of stuff.  I've had my boat frozen to my boat trailer bunks.  It's weird watching your trailer float with your boat.  Today the opposite happened.  My trailer bunks were like sheets of ice.  My boat glided off the trailer as if it was a roller trailer.  Fortunately I didn't unhook my chains until the boat was in the water.  But it shot off!  Managing fishing line was another cold-related issue today.  We had a lot of line misbehaving in the cold.  Bring a bunch of outfits with you when fishing in air below 40 degrees!

Fishing was tough today with muddy water in a lot of areas and zero wind for most of the day.  Rob wound up with the hot hand today and he landed two lakers in the 23" range and one very solid pike at 34".  We kept the lakers - one was filled with gobies.  Chloe had a salmon (I think) after her first or second cast that chased in his jig.  They had a couple other hits but overall we didn't have a whole lot of action.  It felt like 20 degrees out once the sun got clouded over and the wind kicked up.  It did manage to hit around 32 today. A lot of people were out shore fishing.  I have never seen more shore anglers on Cayuga during the winter as I have this year and last, due largely to the fun laker action.  The lakers fought very well for us today as did the pike.  Fun day, but cold!

Cayuga Lake out of Taughannock 2/7

Met Mark I. at the launch at around 9:30 am.  The weather was foggy and winds were forecast to be calm turning to south in the afternoon.  Instead we had around a 4 mph north wind that turned calm and stayed calm right through sunset.  The forecast rain held off.

We started with some fly-fishing for pike and Mark managed to nab a hefty, well-fed 33" northern that hammered his streamer.  Great start to the trip.  Another pike - maybe in the 30" range was dropped shortly thereafter.  Flyfishing for lakers produced one nice laker that grabbed Mark's fly at the surface but didn't get hooked.  With continued calm conditions and not much activity Mark switched to gear.  In short order he had a 22" laker nab a bladebait.  Hair jigs wound up producing a couple salmon - a 21" dropback and a 19" two year old.  Best fish of the afternoon was a 24" brown that also hit a hair jig and jumped 4 to 5 times.  We released everything but the two lakers.  One of those was stuffed with gobies. Both had nice looking orange flesh.  

Around 1/2 dozen boats were out trolling and casting.  Water temps were up - they were at 38/39.  Water level also came up a little but the lake is still very low.  Shorefishing remains productive mainly for lakers but also for occasional salmon and browns. It was nice to finally get the boat out for the first time in 2019.  I have been busy with my fly-fishing classes at Cornell, which are on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  All too often I have to teach on prime fishing days!  

Cayuga Lake shorefishing 1/29 PM

Got out for about an hour and braved the wind and cold along the east shore.  I did not have any hits.  The area I fished was muddy and windswept.   It was a good chance to get rid of some cabin fever and field-test a few homemade jigs and spinners.

I will be at the Rochester Boat Show Friday PM and most of Saturday with Silver Lake Marine/Crestliner.  Feel free to stop by, say hi and check out the great boat deals.

Update 1/9/2019

l want to wish everyone a great new year!   I have been on a long overdue vacation and have been unable to check emails and phone messages. I will be back soon and will respond to any inquiries or questions.   Thanks for understanding!

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