Seneca/Cayuga 8/25


Seneca AM Trip: In a nutshell, we had good action this AM on Seneca with “Pepperidge Farm Tom.” Lakers were fairly abundant in midlake areas in anywhere from 60′ (further south) to 85′ or more water. Nothing big, but plenty of gorgeous wild fish with bright orange fillets! Milano man Tom did a good job landing lakers and we had a lot of fun.

My PM trip on Cayuga Lake was with Tony (and his wife Barb, who read on the Kindle.) He whacked lakers from start to stop, nailing 9 chunky fish to 29″. Most were cookie cutter 26″ fish. Both shores were excellent near Taughannock and the fish hit from the get-go. 77′ and out seemed best. Lots of aggressive “multiple chasers.” This fishing is reminiscent of Cayuga Lake circa 2005 when I started guiding! Really fun stuff. Living between Seneca and Cayuga Lake is as good as it gets (at least until it starts getting darn cold around here.)

I’m on Champlain over the next few days (till Friday.) So the phone is the best way to reach me. No Blackberry here, so be patient with emails!