Seneca Lake 12/10


To take the boat or not to take out the boat – that is the question! If Hamlet was a fisherman, this is what he’d have asked today! The weather reports were crazy between NOAA, and Strong south winds, strong northwinds – west winds. Rain, freezing rain. Warm temps till 3 pm then COLD. We heard 3 different scenarios. My buddy Mike and I decided to forego the boat and fish from shore. We hit a couple of our favorite shore areas with a new target in mind – perch. Well we got lucky, and Mike went for pike and I went for perch. After nailing 5 perch I called Mike over and perch it was. We spent the better part of an afternoon perch fishing and landed 18 beauties. All nice Seneca fish ranging from a couple 10″ (Seneca dinks) to 14″+ jacks. Most fish were 12″ to 13″. Some of these fish came from such deep water they nearly exploded as we brought them in. Airbladders coming out of their mouths, eyes bulging out and blood running from the gills. You’d feel a good weight and then the rod would just relent as the fish basically burst – so no catch and release today, other than “releasing to the grease”. Double hook minnow rigs did the trick again today. Nothing fancy.