Seneca Lake 6/28 Sampson Report


Great day today with Brad and Rob from Colorado. Lake trout jigging started off hot at around 6:30am. Fish were hammering jigs in 30′ to 45′ or so. This fishing slowed at around 9 am. We did some smallmouth bass fishing and had very good results. Found a bunch of active fish in shallow milfoil beds. White Superflukes were the ticket. A couple good fish were dropped – hard fighting bronzos! After the bass it was back to lakers and Brad picked up a couple more fish deeper.

It appears that the lakers are slowly moving out – just a hunch, but the water is really baking with this hot sun we’ve had. Total on lakers was 7 fish landed and many other hits. Bass fishing is really picking up and the volume of bait in shallow is a big plus. I doubt many bass are “pelagic” at this point in time. Bass were spitting up bait today. Lots better fishing than the Federation tourney a week ago – at least from what I can gather.