Seneca Lake out of Geneva 3/29


Tried Seneca Lake for some perch today without much luck. Brutal to start with North winds around 20 mph +. Fished with Bass Pro Shops Camping/Marine Manager Jerry Giacondo. He had an Aqua-Vu camera that he’d recently won as a prize. The camera was cool to use, but somewhat distracting. I’m sure they are great for ice-fishing, but the rough water and 2’+ waves didn’t make it easy to see what was going on. We spotted a few perch but not many. It was interesting comparing depthfinder readings to what was actually down there. What I thought was a pod of baitfish was actually a metal pipe!  We worked many of the major perch areas on the Northern part of the lake. They are a nice “toy” or “tool” and certainly can aid one’s angling – but I don’t consider them necessary. The time it takes to scan an area for visible fish is about the same amount of time it’d take to fish an area! Once the sun came out it also interfered with the view of the camera – even with the sun-shield.

I decided to jig lakers around 11am and we did very well given that we were fishing in around 130′ of water with relatively strong winds! We got 3 fish and missed about 3 to 4 other hits. All fish were unclipped and went 19″, 25″ and 27″. Great fighters! Fish came on white Bass Pro Shops Flipping Tubes fished on 1oz. heads.

The winds finally slowed up and the sun came out so we went back after the perch. Thought we might be on the right track when I got a 11″ fish in around 14′ of water near Kashong Point. However that ended up being it. We talked to other anglers at the launch and they confirmed the very slow bite today. Fishing was much better last week on the perch, though it should improve this week daily. H2O today was 37 on the surface. Lake level is coming up.