Seneca Lake out of Geneva 5/12 AM


The cold front and strong accompanying winds really put a damper on the laker bite today. Guided Andrew, Jim and Mike for a long 1/2 day. I was hoping the forecast light winds for the overnight would hold up into the AM, but at 6 am NWS had southerlies in the low teens gusting up around 20 to 22 mph. Not good for Geneva! But fortunately the winds turned to the west and the lake flattened out a bit.

I showed the guys the technique and we worked a lot of areas from deep to shallow. Fish were just very negative. Mike had one on for a few seconds. He also might have had another. The other guys had a hit or two, but the bait schools from earlier in the week were gone. Cold fronts have a way of doing that – I believe the whole food chain tends to come to a screeching halt when a severe front blows through. Plankton production slows, so baitfish scatter or move deep and predators sulk. At least that’s my take on it. Anyways I battled the wind for awhile and lakers started showing a little interest in the jigs, but still no more solid grabs. Tough day with no fish landed. The guys did a decent job with the technique so hopefully next time will pan out better. It was the only date we could do the trip on before a vacation for Jim, so we went for it.