Seneca Lake out of Geneva 5/29


After taking it easy the last couple days, I got out for some PM fishing on Seneca Lake. The lake is starting to stratify, and I marked the beginnings of a thermocline. I found quite a few lakers from around 60′ on out. 90′ to 100′ is full of fish, but they weren’t grabbing my jigs too well. I missed a hit or two, but mainly just watched as fish came up a few feet for the jigs and went back down (watching the electronics, that is.) We call these fish “lookers.” I didn’t do too much experimenting on trying to get the fish to hit. Instead I moved around a bit. I found a bunch of very active lakers with bait on the east shore and landed one feisty 17″ wild fish. I had another one hit my jig twice and hooked it, before it got off. These fish were shallow – from around 35′ on out to 50′ along a drop-off. At times I had 3 fish chasing my jig, but they just wouldn’t hit. Baitfish are scattered – I marked huge schools in deep water – like around 140′ to 160′. There are also alewives in shallower near the surface. A few hot stable days will really help to jumpstart the bite. For now, things will probably be spotty. Getting out early always helps!