Seneca Lake out of Geneva 5/4


I have some free time this week and I’m very psyched about checking out some places I haven’t visited in a while. This afternoon I fished Seneca Lake with the intention of finding some good DEEP flats on the lake’s north end. I generally fish Sampson or around Severne Point when I want to hit 150′ of water or more this time of year. With my new jigging gear, I’m able to fish water from 140′ out to over 180′ very effectively, so it’s opened up a lot of new water to me.

I started shallow near Belhurst and didn’t find much of anything, despite favorable water temps down 30′. Surface temps were in the mid-40s. I then headed down the lake and worked out to 180′ of water. I never landed a fish, but I lost and missed quite a few and marked good numbers. Eventually I found an area that had solid numbers of baitfish, primarily down around 40′ to 60′. I found some aggressive chasing fish in 85′ of water too. So I felt very good about things on the lake’s north end.

I did spend an hour or so checking a few shorelines. I didn’t encounter any pike, other than one that had a lot of fungus on it.  I wasn’t expecting to see many in the areas I fished. I’ll be checking on the pike fishing shortly, as I’m guiding for them in around 10 days. I expect decent pike fishing, though I’m sure many will be recouping from the spawn.