Seneca Lake out of Geneva 6/15


Guided Todd on Seneca Lake for the full day starting at 6 am. The early start paid off with superb jigging action from the get-go in relatively shallow water (around 45′ to 50′.) Nearly every drop of his jig was met by 1 to 5 hungry lake trout! Of course, hooking and landing the fish is another challenge – but the “fishing” and the “catching” ended up being very satisfactory. Fishing slowed a bit by 8:30 am or so, but we had steady action on the fishfinder and a steady pick of lakers until Todd’s last drop at around 1:50 pm, which landed him a 31″ laker that weighed just under 9lbs (it was thin.) Todd ended the day with 14 fish landed, only one around 22″, the rest from 24″ to 31″ – most being 25″ to 26″ and very healthy looking. Lampreys have been bad in Seneca Lake but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the lakers we’ve managed over the past couple trips; they’ve been very clean. The fish are all full of bait too.

Nearly every plastic in my box worked today – everything from tubes, flukes, reapers to shakers hooked fish. Lots of colors also paid off. Very few boats were out there – it was like our own private lake today. Gorgeous day with great fishing – what more can a fisherman want? BTW – this was Todd’s third trip with me in the past three weeks! Regular clients like Todd make my “job” a pleasure and it’s great feedback in its own right.