Seneca Lake out of Geneva 6/6


Guided Greg today for the full day starting just after 6 am. We launched at the State Park. There's a carnival going on this weekend at the Chamber of Commerce area and it will likely be very crowded there this weekend. Greg wanted lakers and we marked plenty of them along the north end flats.

Fishing started a little slow but soon picked up with Greg landing 5 solid, wild lake trout in short order. Fish were active shallow. Another one or two were lost. All were cookie cutter 22" to 25" clean healthy looking fish. Great colors and patterns on them!

Very few boats were out today. I had Greg try a little pike casting and he managed a solid northern around 27" to 29" in fairly short order. I don't know how good the pike fishing is "up north" but I'd venture a guess that it's pretty good. The fish wasn't in great condition – it was a little thin, but not too bad. A big perch also hit Greg's pike spoon! We let everything go today. No sign of recent lamprey attacks on the lakers. We didn't mark much bait either. Water temps on the surface are around 56 degrees. I expect good pike fishing throughout June and into July with the way the climate has been! I'm looking forward to it!