Seneca Lake out of Geneva 7/13


Had a good time guiding Jeff and his buddies Andy and Sean. We did a full day and fishing was slow-steady throughout the entire day. Jeff landed 3, Andy 2 and Sean 1 fish – all nice lakers averaging 27″ to 28″! Jeff landed a 29 1/2″ wild brute! Beautifully colored. All fish went back into the lake today. 45′ to 55′ was very good with tons of inactive fish deeper. The numbers we marked in around 80′ to 85′ were impressive! Like Keuka Lake fishing.

Saw past clients Craig and Jimmy having a riot on the lake. Fun couple guys and they scored well on nice lakers and a bonus landlocked salmon! All in all a gorgeous day to be on the water with a refreshing cool breeze and light to non-existent boat traffic out there.