Seneca Lake out of Geneva 7/26


Had some good full day action with Todd and Sean today. We started just after 6 am and the early start was worthwhile with at least one double hooked. The guys landed around 11 fish by around 9:45 am or so, then action slowed considerably. No real lunkers today but nice fish overall. Around 73′ on out remains best. There are quite a few fish suspended over deeper water and they are worth a try if the shallower fish don’t cooperate. No shortages of bait this year on Seneca – it looks like Cayuga on the FF.

I kept one of the lakers Todd caught on Saturday and grilled it today. I filleted it, skinned it and trimmed it. Sea salt and coarsely ground pepper and a little oil – that and some lemon with 2 to 3 minutes per side on the grill and it was some superb eating. These fish aren’t quite on the same gourmet level as Atlantic salmon or rainbow trout, but taken care of (from the lake to the table) they are absolutely excellent eating! I don’t recommend freezing them for long. Fresh is the key with lakers! Just delicious! We always bring a large cooler with ice onboard. The fish are killed/bled and then put on ice immediately. They get filleted as soon as possible.