Seneca Lake out of Geneva 7/30


I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day – both for the fishing and just enjoyable weather! Did a half day with Gordon, who’s fished quite a bit with me over my 5 years of guiding. The fishing was superb. Loads of lakers and some baitfish were strewn over the north end flats of the lake. The screen on my Lowrance was insane, with blobs of lakers chasing his jig. I think we had fish chasing on nearly every drop FOR FOUR HOURS! He landed a dozen nice 23″ to 26″ lakers, and probably had another 35 hits and dozen or two dropped fish. 72′ on out was best. We used reapers, shakers and fin-s fish/flukes. We (he) fished from 6:30 am till around 10:30 am. Fun day!