Seneca Lake out of Geneva 8/18


Guided Mark, Bill and Billy for the full day starting around 6 am. The guys had fished with Sean Brown on Monday , Jon Evans on Tuesday and booked with me for today. Needless to say, these two guides get my endorsement for being amongst the best in the region. I had fairly high hopes for today though originally we’d thought about fishing Cayuga Lake. The guys fished Cayuga Monday and Keuka Tuesday and were interested in trying a different lake; I felt we could have a good day on Seneca. There are still plenty of fish up on the N. end flats near Geneva. We started out with a bang – I went over the technique and Mark hooked up in no time and then Billy nailed two nice fish (all from around 25″ to 26″.) The fish took the jigs deep! A fair number of hits were missed as well. But the fish quickly got less active as the day progressed. We wound up motoring south to Dresden and then over to Sampson and back North. Fish were everywhere we went and again – the guys had a decent number of hits, but the fish weren’t committing well or chasing very far.

Around 75′ to 115′ is what we fished with most fish being marked from around 95′ to 105′. Tough day with lots of fish around but slow catching. Cayuga remains my number one lake trout jigging pick from here on until mid-September, when Keuka really catches fire!