Seneca Lake out of Lodi 2/2


Funny, the more I fish the more I like it…;-) Went over to Seneca toget a few “alien areas” under my belt a bit better. Found some beautiful weedbeds that apparently hold a few pike. I landed one 29″ northern. I didn’t pike fish much given the poor pikin’ conditions (sun!) The good news was the laker jigging bite. Found fairly aggressive fish (for this time of year) in 90′ to 100′ of water on the west shore of the lake near Severne Point. Landed 3 fish, from 17″ to 27″. The fish were in OK condition – somewhat thin. Had quite a few semi-aggressive chasers and I dropped a couple fish.

It’s probably pretty safe to say that the laker jigging bite is happening on all the major Finger Lakes. H2O on Seneca ranged from 39 to 41. Winds were light out of the south.