Seneca Lake out of Lodi Point 3/19 PM


Guided Ali and Mike for what wound up being a long 1/2 day starting around noon. The launch at Lodi is open (and has been all winter from what I've heard.) I thought we'd have a great shot at some good laker jigging today. The bite wound up being tough for us. We worked our way up towards Sampson and in our first area Ali landed a 20" laker and missed another. We marked some fish but they weren't hitting well. It definitely felt like the fish were still fairly dormant and in a winter pattern. It's not like Keuka where they feed heavily throughout the winter! We marked fish from around 140' to 180' and beyond. I think the north end would be a good bet, but I wasn't going to make a 20 mile+ run, since we wanted to do some salmon fishing further south as well. The jigging should improve by the week as the days get longer and the fish move in.

We worked some other areas for lakers and salmon and Mike wound up getting one hit that was likely a salmon, but that was it. Tough day and we fished hard and covered a lot of water. Only a handful of boats were out – mostly perch anglers around Sampson that ran from Roy's. Perch fishing on Seneca these days is a far cry from the 1980s, where you'd see boats on many different points throughout the lake. Now the schools are fewer and fished harder.