Seneca Lake out of Lodi Point 3/26


What a brutal day! Wow. I talked to my buddy Mike last weekend and Thursday was looking to be a good weather day to go out. We had forecast highs in the upper 40s. Day by day the forecast for nice weather deteriorated. On Wednesday night it was an 80% chance of rain, with up to 3/4″ predicted. Mostly coming after 1 pm. By Thursday AM it was 100% chance of rain with most of it due after 11 am. Should’ve said screw it, but we took a chance and went early. Most times I say “when in doubt, go out” but once in a while it bites you back. Yesterday was one of those days.

We had a 20 minute window of good looking salmon conditions. No action there. Then the winds died and rain started in. I found out after an hour or so that my Mustang Suit isn’t especially water proof. The dampness and rain was relentless though I didn’t get too wet, just a little damp. No bonechill, but it reminded me of a few nasty days in my youth of being out in the boat. We tried some perch fishing without any sign of them. I did manage to hook a solid brown trout on my perch rig which was pretty cool! But that was it. We tried a few drops for lake trout but the rain made us pretty miserable.

The coolest weirdest part of the day was the static in the air. I’ve been out around lightning storms and had my hair standing on end, rod tip buzzing and fishing line going skyward. That’s the time to get off of the lake! Mike had never seen the bit with the line, but today we got to see it. You could have cut off your lure and fed fishing line into the sky and watched it rise. Scary, but this isn’t really a time of the year we see much thunderstorm activity, though we did hear a rumble or two. Anyways, we cured our cabin fever. Looking forward to getting out again soon. Water temps are around 35.8 degrees.