Seneca Lake out of Lodi Point 7/30


I met Greg at the launch at 6:30 and we were underway shortly thereafter. Our goal today was to nab some browns. Greg lost a beauty here last year. Things started out promising with Greg having a few hits then hooking up momentarily with a chunky fish around 20″. Unfortunately that was about it.

The plan today was to work some mid to low lake areas for brown trout. Moderate to heavy rain (which we desperately need) moved in around 8:30 am. Greg didn’t bring his raingear and didn’t feel like getting soaked, so we worked our way up the lake for lake trout. There is no shortage of lake trout on this lake! I will repeat that: There is no shortage of lake trout on this lake! We marked fair numbers of fish around Long Point, Dresden, Perry Point, Reeds, Roy’s, Sampson, Geneva, Ovid and more! But they seem lock-jawed. Maybe it’s time for butterfly jigs or hardware or something else, but they didn’t move much for our plastics. Some of it may have been the weather pattern, but a friend nailed fish on Cayuga Lake today, so that theory doesn’t hold much water. I have no idea what it is. DEC feels that it’s the massive amount of baitfish. The lakers are just too well-fed and don’t have to move much to eat. Who knows? But the salmon fishing was also poor over the past two years. Time will tell.

There’s no doubt you can go to Seneca and catch some nice lakers on the right day at the right time. We had a few good fish earlier in the month and some terrific big-fish fishing here in May. And there have to be some more big browns, rainbows and salmon around. But for top notch day to day great fishing, Cayuga or Owasco are the lakes to fish in the area. BTW – I have seen at least 3 Seneca Charter Captains (ones who primarily guide Seneca) working Cayuga Lake this year, so that says a lot.