Seneca Lake out of Sampson 9/5


Did a full-day with Jim and Frank on Seneca Lake. They enjoy their walleye and bass fishing in Ohio and were looking forward to something different. We started at 6:30 am and the fishing was kind of slow but we did get hits and miss them. It took a little while for Frank to get used to the quick hooksets required of laker jigging vs. the delayed style used for bass and walleye fishing. But the challenge makes for fun fishing! Jim started things off with a nice laker. As the morning went on the sun finally started to break through and the fishing improved. Frank really got on a roll nailing a bunch of fish in a row. Before long both guys were in the groove and we even had a double or two. Ended the day with 14 nice fish landed up to 29″. Most fish were wild or at least unclipped. Most fish were also very clean with one fish coming up with a live lamprey attached. Best depths were around 80′ to 90′ if I remember right. After the trip I had a chance to check out the guys’ Harleys. Beautiful bikes and it’d be tempting to want one – but I think I’ll stick with my truck after looking at my childhood “wipeout” record!