Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 10/26


It’s been a long time, but I decided to check out Seneca Lake today out of Sampson State Park. Hard to believe, but I’ve only fished Seneca Lake three times this year. I brought lake trout, pike and perch gear. My goal was to check on pike fishing but when I arrived around noon I found pretty high winds and choppy conditions. I checked the flats for lake trout and was very pleasantly surprised to see good numbers of fish throughout the area. I did not mark any bait in the places I checked. Lakers were fairly active and I had good numbers of chasing fish. I landed two and missed another 4 to 5 hits within 2 hours. One of the fish was a wild 25″er and the other a stocked 20″er.

Conditions didn’t seem great for pike but I gave one area a shot for 1/2 hour without action. A run up to Geneva showed tons of baitfish. I’ll be back out here soon to check on the pike. Water temps were 60 degrees. One other boat was fishing (trolling) near Roy’s. That was it. I was very encouraged by what I saw for lakers – it looked like what I would’ve marked back in the mid-2000s i.e. good numbers of fish that were fairly positive in mood. Stay tuned!