Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 12/13


Got out around 11:45 am for some lake trout. The wind forecast was for south from 3 to 7 mph, but sure enough the winds were double that. Anyways the first thing I noticed was that some 2″X 6″s had been bolted alongside the boat launch docks. This improvement is wonderful and will prevent boats from drifting under the dock structures during low water. Let’s hope more State Launches receive this upgrade soon. I will post photos shortly. Lake level was OK.

The lake trout bite was slow to start. The lake was whitecapping and fish weren’t moving much for the jigs. After about 2 hours I landed a 20″ wild fish that I released. The next fish was very solid at was over 27″ with an adipose clip. Good strong battle! That fish had an empty stomach and will be smoked. I lost 3 solid fish in a row. Not sure why, but it does happen. They felt like decent fish, maybe in the 24″ range. 1 1/2oz jig heads with white Swim Fishes did the trick. Best depth was around 130′, but there were fish 15′ on either side of that depth. 46 degrees was the water temperature.