Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 12/26


Guided Ron and Matt here for a 6 hour day getting underway around 9:30 am.  It was cold and windy out but overall pike fishing conditions were good to excellent.  Water temp on the surface is 43 degrees.  Water levels are still good here.  Ron and Matt love catching lake trout so we gave the jigging a try for around 45 minutes with no luck.  While we were in deep water we did have a large adult lamprey attach itself to my boat, which is something I’ve heard of but never witnessed.  We weren’t able to catch it but that’s pretty crazy.

I didn’t want to waste much time on the lake trout, since we weren’t marking many or getting any hits.  We tried a few different areas for pike and hit paydirt in a couple of them.  The pike fishing wound up being very good and the guys even managed three doubles.   They wound up landing 15 or 16 northerns and one bonus pickerel.   Most pike ran 23″ to 26″.  We had a couple 27s and one 30″er.  We also had one 21″er.  All the larger fish had lamprey wounds – some had fairly fresh ones.  I’m hoping that once the adult lamprey out in the lake spawn and die, we’ll see some progress on this front.

My winter guiding schedule is wide open.  Launches remain open throughout the region and I’m looking forward on hitting some different lakes shortly, as well as getting back on Cayuga and Seneca.

Matt with a better fish

Ron with one