Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 4/6 midday


Guided Scott and Marvin for a 1/2 day trip starting just before 11 am. As has been the case lately, perch fishermen are out in droves. Of course other lakes are frozen, so the pressure in concentrated here. Fishing was generally slow from what I heard, though usually a few people figure them out and do well. But the lower parking lot was full and the upper lot had at least 8 to 10 rigs in it.

I had high hopes for the laker bite today, but the lakers seemed to have other ideas. The lack of wind made it tough to cover water, but the guys had some opportunities from around 130′ to 160′. A few hookups were dropped but fortunately Marvin managed to land a laker around 26″ – his personal best trout, so that was nice. But overall, the lakers just weren’t super-aggressive. It was a very enjoyable day with the sun and light to non-existent winds. I marked a little bit of bait, but not much. Water temps on the surface are starting to creep up just a touch – 36 to 37 is what we had.