Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 4/8


I got out this afternoon by myself for around 4 or 5 hours with my laker gear and some leftover minnows we had from last week’s fishing on Keuka Lake. First thing I did was check out the massive flats off of Sampson State Park for lake trout with plastics. There were plenty of fish out there in the deeps – ranging from 140′ to 180’+. They didn’t seem too active at the moment, so after 1/2 hour or so I moved on. But I did have upwards of 3 fish chasing the jig at once and a hit or two, so time things right or persevere and there will be some great fishing here.

Working depths along the west shore from 15′ to 40’+ didn’t produce anything for me with jigs, jigs+minnows or minnows. I was surprised not to pick up a bass, perch or have a bite-off or two from pike/pickerel. The lake was dead calm, so maybe that played into my poor fishing success. Water temps are around 38 to 39 degrees. I could see the bottom in close to 25′ of water. I did see a couple bullheads. That was about it.

We’ll be on Seneca, Skaneateles, Cayuga and possibly even Lake Ontario over the next couple weeks. I have a long run of guide trips “on the docket”so there will be plenty of reports here!