Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 5/2


Guided back to back half-days today. Fishing started out a bit slow for Rich and Denis, but picked up once we moved north towards Geneva and found greater concentrations of them. The guys landed 5 solid lake trout – all wild fish ranging from around 22″ to 27″. Wemarked fish in water from 120′ out to over 180′ deep. It was good day fishing despite the rapidly changing weather. If you didn’t like it, just wait 5 minutes (literally!) and it would change. Wind, calm, sun, rain – we had it all on a rotating basis! Water temps were 39 on top. Shore fishers are getting a few good perch at Sampson. Not much else going on there.

Guided Mark for the PM trip. He joined me back in November on the north end of Cayuga Lake for a fun day with bass, pickerel and a big pike. He wound up catching a couple solid lakers – one that was 28″. Again – all wild fish. The weather started out nasty, but did moderate as the day went on.

If you’re looking to get out for lakers, salmon, pike (all on Seneca or Cayuga for the lakers) or even rainbows (on Skaneateles), this is a great week to do it. The weather looksreally solid. After this week I will be quite busy right through Memorial Day weekend!