Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 6/7 AM


Guided Brian and his son Evan for an interrupted half-day trip starting just after 8 am.  We were targeting lakers on the jig.  Weather conditions were a bit unsettled with winds shifting and storms arriving in the area around 11 am.  Overall though, the weather was pretty decent.  Fishing was tough today, no two ways about it.  Both Brian and his son wound up catching a laker each, but given how many fish we were marking, how many were chasing the jigs and how few hits we had, it was tough.  LOADS of baitfish were around, which probably didn’t help us.  Either way, the guys gave it a great shot and fished hard despite very little “love” from the fish.  A few light hits were missed, but we didn’t have any other solid hook-ups.

We had storms roll in around 11 am, so we tied off at Belhurst Castle and took a walk inside.  I finally had a chance to check out what’s all there.  It’s nice!  Great place to purchase gifts or a bottle of wine and/or have a bite to eat.  It’s very casual.

There are plenty of fish around Sampson State Park and likely throughout many portions of Seneca.  Fish were from 45′ to 85′.  Plenty are probably deeper too.  The guys had found me through recommendations from a couple of Finger Lakes Facebook groups.  I have avoided utilizing social media for any promotional uses, but I do thank people for the referrals and mentions!  I tend to get enough calls via this website and word-of-mouth, but referrals are important!

Evan with a 27" wild fish. This fish survived some lamprey attacks!

Father and son at the end of the day. Fishing wasn't easy but we had fun and went over a lot of information.