Seneca Lake out of Sampson State Park 9/6


Guided Dave and his sons Steve and Dan for the full day. We got underway around 7:30 am. In a nutshell, the fishing on Seneca was fair to good today. On the lake’s west shore, we had some hits and Dave managed the first laker – a solid fish around 22″ or 23″.The wind was strong out of the south to start – the usual “hot AM southerly wind” that we encounter on the larger lakes due to the temperature differences from land vs. water. The sailors have a term for it that I can never remember. But during the summer, you can have a 3 mph wind on land in most areas and see 12 to 15 mph on Seneca and Cayuga. As the day warms, the winds die. In past years I’ve seen numerous boaters trailer down to Sampson and turn right around due to the whitecaps. Two hours later the lake is flat!

We worked north and wound up around Geneva. Dave picked up 3 more fish up there, including two very nice wild ones. All the guys were fishing effectively as far as I could tell. Dan dropped a large fish. We worked south again and at Sampson Steve finally got a hook up. So we had 6 fish landed, a good one lost and a few other hits. The strong winds during the AM made the fishing challenging. But overall there’s no comparing Cayuga’s current bite to Seneca’s. Cayuga is running a solid 9/10, Seneca is about a 3 or 4/10. Fish today came from 80′ to 105′ or so. We had laker temps down 80′ around Sampson and around 95′ at Geneva.