Seneca Lake out of Watkins 5/8


Not a whole lot to report today. The wind was blowing nicely out of the south this morning, so I decided to blow off my errands and workout and shoot down to Watkins. As soon as I got there the wind died down – which means tough fishing over there.

I worked the southern portion of Seneca for an hour or two fly-casting for salmon. Never saw one, and I wasn’t surprised. I then worked up the east shore looking for lake trout areas. There were some decent shelves but few fish- most trout appear to have migrated up the lake. I picked up a small (15″) laker in around 80′ of water. Had a couple other fish chasing.

I made a little time for some pike fishing, and although conditions weren’t great, I managed to have a hit or two and a follow from a small pike. Water temps were in the low 50s in the southern portion of the lake. Pike and salmon fishing should be good. A little steady wind makes a big difference on Seneca!