Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 11/29


Got out here for some fly-fishing with Mike starting at around 10:30 am.  I’ve been looking forward to fishing over here for a week or two now, ever since the lake temps have dropped into the upper 40s.  After guiding now for over 16 years I’m fortunate to have contacts on nearly all the area lakes who happen to fish them regularly and can keep me updated.  In addition to knowing that water temps were prime, I had a couple good reports from my client/friend Pete (who has a place on the lake over here) and was primed to give it a go.  Late fall Seneca salmon is something I always make a point of checking on in November/December.

Seneca’s fishing is gradually getting better.  I’ve been optimistic for a year or two and I see no reason not to be.  Mike and I had some fun fly-fishing today landing 8 salmon (Mike caught one on gear but we mostly fly-fished.)  The good news is that the fish appear healthy and well-fed.  The bad news is that nearly every one we saw and hooked today was on the small side, running 13″ (one of them) to 17″ (one of them.)  Most were 15″ to 16″ – barely legal.  All fish went back in today.

Obviously there are bigger fish around somewhere.  Maybe they’re deeper.  Maybe uplake.  We’ll check back in time.  The other good news is that fish are well-distributed.  But again, most are on the small side.  They are fun to catch but it would be much better if some or more 18″+ fish were in the mix.  If a good portion of these fish manage to survive through the winter and into next year, 2021 and 2022 could be banner years for salmon fishing on Seneca Lake.  If people and lampreys wind up beating up on these fish, we’ll pretty much be in the same boat that we’ve been in on Seneca over the last few years.

Water temps were 46 degrees on top.   Water level remains low but is at its regular winter low for now.  A few other boats were out fishing but overall pressure was light on the lake.

Over the past week I had a few emails get lost in the “shuffle.”  Basically they were sent by people around November 15th and they didn’t show up in my inbox until today!  One was for doing some trips this past week, so that was a bummer that I never received it.

I ALWAYS respond to emails within a 24 to 36 hours unless I’m traveling or on vacation.   If you send me an email inquiring about a trip and you don’t hear back from me within a day, please leave me a message on my landline at (607)319-0450.   That way you’ll know I got it.