Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 2/26


Guided Rob for a full day of mostly fly-fishing starting around 8:30 am. Temperatures hovered between 27 and 43 during our day. It was chilly when the wind came up, but otherwise enjoyable out on the water. Only a few boats were out today on Seneca’s south end – a couple trollers and a couple perch fishermen.

I expected good things with the weather forecast and sunny conditions with light winds, but the fish had other plans to start. The last couple days’ northerlies might have altered things a bit. We had slow fishing to start for the first half of the day. Rob might’ve had a hit or two early on. He had a good salmon follow in his streamer but not much else happening. The wind came up a bit andI had him toss some gear for pike. Some large pike followed in spoons, but were tentative. Rob nailed one around 25″. He also had a pickerel show some interest.

The afternoon salmon bite was better with somesolid hits and a handful of sublegal salmon landed on the streamers. Water temps ranged from 38 to 40 degrees. During the winter of 2013 the fishing’s been so good on Seneca, thata tough day is still not a bad day. We accomplished our mission of getting some landlocked salmon on the fly in the lake.