Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 3/15


Got out on my friend Mike’s Lund while I got some work done on my boat trailer (plus I had classes to teach.) The morning fly-fishing (from 9 am) was slow to start with little action. Fishing picked up as the day went on – I landed a lamprey scarred 17″ salmon and Mike got a fat brown around 18″ with lamprey attached. Fish were following our flies but not grabbing them for the most part. I missed two good salmon that turned on my fly – I watched them grab, just set and never had a hold of them. Others followed from the depths.

Mike dropped me off so I could teach my classes around 2:15 pm. He went back out and got into some great salmon action. He landed 3 nice fish in the 24 1/2″ range, a 26 1/2″ fish, another brown and lost a good salmon.

The “crowds” weren’t too bad on the lake today. I saw more boats trolling than in years past, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as our last trip out here. There were a few guys out perch fishing and we saw perch being caught in around 60′ to 80′ of water! Water temps were cold and salmon were lethargic – they weren’t jumping for the most part. H2O was around 35 to 36. Water levels are high. At the launch we had to step up to get onto the boat. We marked bait and lakers in the 140′ to 180′ range.