Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 4/18


Got out for a full day of fishing with my buddy Terry. We started just after 11 am and wrapped up around 6:30 pm. I chose Watkins because of the wind forecast – strong south winds gusting to over 30 mph. Ithaca actually had gusts close to 40 mph today! Those winds are brutal any which way you look at it. We were limited to areas right on the south end of the lake. The canal was a muddy mess for the most part. Terry picked up some nice perch minnows at Roy's on the way down. We never had a hit on either perch or salmon today. While casting for salmon, Terry had a couple follows from small fish that he wasn't able to identify.

It was a nice day to be out with air temps up over 70 degrees but the fishing left a lot to be desired. Two large boats (one charter) were out trolling. Winds died down somewhat in the afternoon by around 4 pm and we were able to fish some areas we couldn't earlier. Still no sign of fish. The areas that produced salmon on my last two prior trips out here did not yield any activity.