Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 4/19


Guided Tony and Glen starting around 7:45 am. I was hoping for an earlier start but sometimes later is better and the guys wanted some time to settle in after a long commute the night before. We went after salmon. Fish seemed fairly neutral today. We checked out a lot of areas and found a couple holding fish. One shoreline had a lot of nice salmon! The guys had plenty of follows from some very clean looking fish. Earlier, in another area, Glen hooked a big fish, but it might have been a pike. But anyways, our salmon scattered and turned off not long after we found them. The wind started dying down and that was it.

We worked up the lake and back down but never had much salmon action. We tried some laker jigging and they cooperated with both guys hooking some solid fish and Tony landing 4 nice ones. All were fin-clipped, which isn’t common for a group of four Seneca fish. Usually 3 out of 4 are wild. Fish I cleaned had some BIG bait in them. 125′ to 135′ was best. Good numbers of lakers were concentrated in a small area. Friends did well out of Geneva today with a couple bonus salmon in the mix!

Overall some very fun “fishing,” but the “catching” could have been better. Water temps are around 44/45 with over 50 in the canal area.