Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 5/18


Guided a full day of mostly fly-fishing with Gordon starting around 10:30 am. Seneca is in pretty good shape with water levels and debris. The canal has been very muddy due to dredging. Action for us today was very slow. Maybe some of it was the full blue moon – I don’t know. He had one hit on flies that was probably a salmon. He landed one 26″ pike on a spoon. We covered a lot of water (with gear at times too) and conditions were good with a nice north wind and great water temperatures for trout/salmon. I just don’t feel that there are a lot of salmon out there and I’ve mentioned that before. A few are showing up here and there, but large areas of the lake do not seem to be holding active fish in the shallows as would normally be the case with the conditions we had. We did mark a decent amount of bait and Gordon did a little laker jigging too without any hits. I usually like the opening week or two of pike season but in many years’ past we had warmer than usual March/April weather. With the exceptionally cold spring I think a lot of pike are sitting on the bottom in a fairly negative to neutral mood. I did spot a fish or two doing just that. Expect fishing to improve markedly this week and thereafter. Water temps ran from 47 to 52 degrees. A few other boats were out fishing.