Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 6/17


I was looking forward to fishing for pike with my buddy Jarrod today. We got on the lake just after 7 am. The conditions were overcast and very windy out of the south. I felt we had a good chance at some decent fishing. We covered a ton of water and I never had a hit or a follow (that I noticed.) Jarrod had one follow. We saw one slightly fungused up pike, and that was it! We fished a solid 8 hours or more and never relented, working from the extreme shallows out to over 20′ of water. Water temps ranged from around 52 up to 59 degrees. Watkins hasn’t produced as well as areas further north for us over the past few years for pike, but it’s never been this bad. We worked about 6 or 7 miles up the lake, fishing areas on the south end and both shores. We were the only boat we saw that was fishing today (out of WG.) Very disappointing. The high point of the day was our chicken wings and reuben sandwiches (with homemade potato chips) at the WG Bar and Grill. The low point was making a nice lunch with plenty of snacks and beverages and forgetting to bring it. There were thousands of baitfish all over the place – I even snagged one with my swimbait.