Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 9/19


Full day guide trip with the Hermans today. We started at 8 am with the lake encased in a surreal fog. Air temps dropped to below 38 degrees last night! We had water temps in the mid-60s and bluebird skies. Pike action wasn’t great in the AM, but it wasn’t bad either. Eleonore had the hot hand and landed 4 fish to start – all around 24″ to 25″. John nailed one fish as well. Swimbaits, deep running crankbaits and deep running stickbaits worked today, and I think one was taken on a spinnerbait. The action died from around 9:45 am till 2 pm. We may have had a fish hooked an hour or so. Perseverance pays off, and the bite picked up again around 2:30pm – we worked my favorite areas AGAIN(!) and larger fish activated – 29″ to 32″ fish. Another 4 or 5 fish were landed before we called it a day. All in all, around a dozen nice pike were caught and released today. The action wasn’t nearly as good as it was a week ago, but by fishing good areas hard we managed to have a good day. Weeds are starting to die off and there were some baitfish shallow. Most pike came in less than 15′ of water. Very few other boats were out there!