Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 9/30 AM


Guided Mildred and Larry for a 1/2 day starting at 6:45 am. We took a long run and were fishing by around 7:10 or so. Despite the warm water temperatures, I felt we had a good chance at nailing some pike today. One of my students caught a nice one around 31" to 32" off of the Watkins Glen Pier yesterday, so I was optimistic. Presentations were difficult due to a large volume of cut up milfoil floating around. Larry had a good hit and swirl from a pike, but no hookup.

After giving it two hours, we took a break and tried some laker jigging. In fairly short order Larry hooked a solid fish. I was impressed by how strong the "laker" seemed. It put a big bend in the medium heavy rod and ripped out a lot of line as Larry's rod tip dipped into the water. Before long I slipped the net under a beautiful 24" Landlocked Salmon! After a quick photo we released the fish. We went back to pike fishing and never raised a fish. Water temps remain around 65 degrees.